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Hkkid777Hkkid777 Member Posts: 12

Ive tryed to download this probly 100 times i cant find one that works they just can have there own DL that safe and relibale no they have to put 20 differnt this is what i need help with can someone tell me to find the download that will accoully work thx



  • duiLucidduiLucid Member Posts: 46

     You have to bow to the asian grinder gods, sacrifice two family members, then your install will work.

    ..Of course after that you will realize the game sucks, uninstall it, and feel bad about the family members you decided to sacrifice.

  • Hkkid777Hkkid777 Member Posts: 12

    ololololololol im srry that was funny haha but is this game any good what do u reccomend?


  • GonesoloGonesolo City of Heroes CorrespondentMember Posts: 70

    Anyone know how you are suppose to play this game if you speak english and reside in Europe? I downloaded the US client but the website will not allow me to create an account

    "we can not service people from your region" or something is what I get. I found the EU site but it's in either Dutch or French so I'm not sure if the client will be the same. Also not speaking anything but English makes it a bit difficult to create an a/c on a foreign language site.

  • grey666grey666 Member Posts: 15

    No, but my company is looking for English tutors. Would you be interested?

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