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Game crashes after characer selection!!!!HELP!!!

Everythin workd fine i logged in n everythin but after making the character and click start game a screen comes with "Now Loading..." and then the music continues and it luks fine for 5 seconds and crashes!and when i tried to click the screen went black on me >< PLS HELP!!!!IM SO DYIN TO PLAY THIS GAME IT LUKS SO AWESOME


  • elinoemielinoemi Member Posts: 1

    Mine is fine till I run around  in the game then it  freezes. I dont get it?

  • MickleMickle Member UncommonPosts: 127

    You have to run the patcher as an Admin.  Then it works fine.

    ?:Suba GamesDOMO_USDomoPatch.exe

  • necrosteinnecrostein Member UncommonPosts: 80


    you do realize you are replying to a post from 2008?


    i did grab a beta key for the relaunch, but running as admin didnt solve my disconnect issues. 

    i will try again later, im guessing that the plentitude of beta keys still available indicate a very meh response from the populous here. so...  maybe it just wont live (as opposed to some MMO's that wont die)

    TBH this looks like a fun one, i have been looking for a 3d WASD MMO with very cartoony look to play with my youngest daughter.  we played free realms for a while then that got capped.

    ah well  


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