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Tell me

What is best class swordman protector preist or spearman archer



  • greedsgreeds Member Posts: 5

    In angels online is complicated know the best Class, BTW, the Protector have a big DEF and in lvl 56 you can get the Skill Panter Killing 5 (PK5) it is one of the best skills of the game, it don't use Strance Power, like the other skills, it just gives plus 100% of you atak when cast, if u hit a critical u can kill a player whit 1  hit

    The same for lvl 80 AOE skills of Mages, It have a strong power, if u have a good staff you can easily kill a League.

    Or Not ~~

  • silverstreamsilverstream Member Posts: 3

    Yes, in Angels, it is difficult to tell which is the best profession to choose. Though Archers can easily kill mages, mages  can kill melee, and melee can kill archer, depending on your levels. So as you can see, it  goes in a circle. It really depends on your opinion though.

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