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OMG I'm Drunk (Open RvR) Server Dark Crag (Order)

VandarixVandarix Member UncommonPosts: 177

   OMG i'm Drunk is a guild about having fun and smashing some skulls in. We welcome Humor and fart jokes on Vent as long as you're making fun of Leo. hehe. Were really just a bunch of Guys and Gals looking for a good time. We've played many MMO's including Age of Failan, and POTBS, DAOC, ETC. Also on our freetime some take breaks and play Battlefield, Company of Heroes and other RTS and FPS.


We will be Order and open to All races/Classes.

We will only have open recruitment for the first week or two of the game.

We are a guild formed in EQ2 and have been around for quite some time.

We are a cross-game guild, so if you leave the game you don't have to leave the guild.

We focus on RvR but do PvE in the RvR downtimes.

We have a huge Vent server that can be very entertaining at times (to say the least.)

We are not a zerg guild.

We do not form complete paragraphs....usually

There is a 14 day trial period. And an inactive timer (differs per person.) Vacations are allowed of course just let us know.

For Players Seeking Recruitment or For Guilds seeking Alliance Information please Visit the Website and state your Claim.

Visit us at http://www.omgimdrunk.com

Have fun in WAR.

Thank you,

Vandarix of OMG I'm Drunk.


  • teknicianteknician Member UncommonPosts: 270

    Just out of curiosity...are you drunk?

  • VandarixVandarix Member UncommonPosts: 177


  • teknicianteknician Member UncommonPosts: 270
    Originally posted by Vandarix



    Sounds fun.  I'm still deciding what server I'm going to play on, but if I find myself on Artois I might contact you.

  • VandarixVandarix Member UncommonPosts: 177

    Alright man, You can always visit our website and drop a post in our general. GL and have fun in war wherever you decide to go.

  • pdxgeekpdxgeek Member Posts: 585

    Is this the same OMG I'm Drunk that was in PotBS?

  • VandarixVandarix Member UncommonPosts: 177

    Yes we are the same OMG I'm Drunk from POTBS

  • teknicianteknician Member UncommonPosts: 270

    Decided on a different server?

  • ZoomzooZoomzoo Member Posts: 82

    Darn, was hoping to find you guys on an RP-Open Server...


    Anyway, good luck!

  • nellsonnellson Member Posts: 81

    just what ive been looking for!!!  a drunken bunch slobbering on their keyboards hitting wrong keys,their motor skills completely gone,while they re trying to be funny cracking jokes that we used to tell in the third grade....FUN....

    Where do i sign up?    LOL..Pirates of the Burning Seas.....

  • VandarixVandarix Member UncommonPosts: 177

    Yeah we changed servers due to CE headstart. Artois wasnt chosen so we moved.

    As for RP RvR we really don't want to fight people who try to talk to us and ask question while were bashing their skulls into the dirt. :) hehe

  • TheHavokTheHavok Member UncommonPosts: 2,423

    Dark Crag is full. 

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