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What I was hoping for...

Personally I was hoping that you'd start off on some crowded island and you had to either try to make a fortune there and buy a ship, or build one with some mates, or join another crew.  I wish that you would allways control a normal human, whether it be at land or at sea.  This would make commendeering ships more fun, especially if they could be stolen.  The there would allways be mutiny of course.  Oh, Full PvP is a must.

I like the fact that they have a skill-based system, rather than a level-based one.  This will make the game easier for the role-players who don't neccessarily want to attack every enemy they see.
The player-driven economy is also important for a game like this, and hopefully it will lead to the ability to truly control the trading.

I will not play this game, I just wanted to point out what I like and don't like about this game.

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  • Regal_TRRegal_TR Member Posts: 249
    Yeah, I was definetily hoping you'd start out on land and have to steal/work/sell/fight, whatever before you got your own ship.. right now this just seems like eve online on water..a game I didnt much enjoy image

  • notalentnotalent Member Posts: 123
    yeah, a pirate MMORPG where you control a character only would be SO fun. Getting a ship, starting/joining a crew, stealing stuff, etc, etc. Oh, how awesome that would be.

  • B1ackMondayB1ackMonday Member Posts: 44

    Yea, a pirate MMO would be amazing. Especially if it went along the feels of Pirates of the Carribbean. Not neccesarily as kid-like, but a mature pirate MMO where you could customize a character, then pretty much start from scratch making your own money and eventually building a ship and exploring the world of the golden ages with your crewmates (of course it would be a totally free roaming game). As you progress, you would become more prosperous and be able to gain more respect and afford new weapons and ship parts. I think with a little imagination and some stunning graphics, this could be accomplished very well.


  • chocobobachocoboba Member Posts: 10

    thats why KOEI should bring Uncharted Waters Online to the western hemisphere.

    for further inquiry what im talking about check the following

    IGN Preview:
    MagicBox Preview:
    Official Site:

    If you'd like to help out try sending mails to

    Snail Mail Address:
    KOEI Corporation (North America)
    1818 Gilbreth Road, Suite 235
    Burlingame, CA 94010
    Tel. 1 (650) 692-9080
    Email Address:
    [email protected]

    or goto and post in their forums or something. lets bring it over here people!

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