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New Qotw -- September 4, 2008

BurntvetBurntvet Member RarePosts: 3,465

Here is the new one from Thursday, enjoy!



Default [Sept 4 2008] Housing, Shields, Character Generator, Skill Calculator, System Specs..

From Lee Hammock's desk:

As we approach the GINORMOUS DEADLINE OF DOOM at the end of this month things are moving pretty fast. We’ve got a lot on our plate to wrap up, but we think we can get it all done. Add on top of that this week’s Virtual Worlds show in LA and Austin GDC in a few weeks and it’s a pretty busy month. The content department is mainly working on overarching storylines for the next two weeks while art is working on cleaning up some buildings and levels, adding new melee weapon and armor models, etc. We’re also getting a lot of UI refinements and other front end work.

1. Once player housing is implemented, will they decoratable? Will new recipes for chairs or benches be added that we can drop in our houses?

That’s the plan, though we’re still pretty far from that point.

2. Will houses use pre-existing models, ie, what might be found in towns?

A mixture of pre-existing and new models most likely.

3. Can an offhand weapon be a shield, like those that SWAT use when conducting raids? Or would that possibly be too Counter-Strikeish?

Sadly no shields. We could make them work mechanically (give boosts to Dodge and Melee defense, etc) but they wouldn’t have a block action or some such like you would see in a pure FPS game.

4. Any chance we could get the character generator downloadable from the FE site?

No, it’s not something we can break out of the game without having people download the entire engine.

5. So.... when might we get a skill calculator to fiddle around with, hmm?

This may be doable since we already have Excel sheets we use that do exactly this.

6. Now that Alpha is out, any update on the required and optimal system specs?

We haven’t collated all the information on that regard yet, but I will say the game has successfully run on lower-end systems than I expected and has been played successfully over a dial up connection.

7. Will there be emotes for "flourishing" your weapons? Such as a Kata for martial artists, twirling revolvers, rifle drills and such?

There are some of these, but we’re limited in what we can do by how weapons attach to a character’s hand. For example, we can’t do the pistol twirl.

8. Any progress on farms?

It’s on the slate for the first major content update (I would call it an expansion, but then people would think you have to pay for it).

9. What’s preventing 5,000 people from investing in one farm so all the investors get diddly squat?

Each farm has a limited number of shares.

10. What’s keeping high-level players from ganking low-level towns?

We’re still working on that. We had talked about a hard level cap for PvP activities, but that seemed a bit rough, so we’re looking at some sort of debuff if you kill someone sufficiently lower level than you, and the debuff would get worse the more times you do it so the level difference would disappear.

11. You have mentioned that some quests will reward APs. Will these be APs we can award anywhere, or will it raise a specific skill/stat?

They can be spent anywhere.

12. Can you reveal a little more on how skill and stats are actually utilized? Can you give an example for both combat and crafting? Do stats affect combat or crafting other than creating our skill score?

They determine the base value and maximum value of your skill.

13. Example: one person has rifles 54 based on spending APs directly in rifles. Another person has rifles at 54 based on having significantly higher dexterity and perception. Will they both perform exactly the same in combat, or is there an advantage to the player with higher stats?

Exactly the same in terms of the Rifle skill, but the character who spent APs on Dexterity and Perception will also have a high base Pistol skill (since it’s also based on Dexterity and Perception) plus a boost to the base of skills like Group Tactics and First Aid that also rely on Perception.

14. My Rifle skill is based on my dexterity and perception skill. It talks about having rifle of 27 based on dexterity and perception, but how do APs affect that? Do I spend APs directly on rifle to get it closer to the max of 54?

All skills start out at a certain base amount equal to 75% of one stat and 25% of another, such as Rifle having a base equal to 75% of your Dexterity and 25% of your Perception. This means different characters will have different bases for their skills depending how they raise their stats, even at the same level. APs can also be spent directly on skills, up to the base value of the skill (meaning the maximum value of a skill is double the base). Basically you can spend a lot of APs on attributes and raise your base skill (plus getting other advantages like more hit points, gamma, etc) or you can spend points directly on a skill to raise it for fewer APs (but you can only raise a skill so far before you have to raise the base).

15. Is there a level/AP cap?

There will be a max level from launch until the first major content update, but we’re not sure what it’s going to be yet. Each major content update will increase the max level, as will actual expansions.



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