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This is why repeated DWI offenders should get harsher jail times

EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384

DALLAS — A car driven by a drunk driving suspect with four previous DWI arrests raced away from a sheriff's deputy, ran a red light then went airborne after a wreck and landed on top of an SUV, killing a newlywed couple inside, authorities said.

Second-grade teacher Erika Clouet, 24, and her husband of a little over a month, construction worker and aspiring musician German Clouet, 23, of Irving, were killed in the accident early Monday.

The driver, Uriel Perez Palacios, 22, of Dallas, remained in the hospital Tuesday. His passenger had to be cut from the vehicle and was also hospitalized.

Officials on Tuesday charged Palacios with two counts of murder and three counts of intoxication assault. A phone listing for Palacios could not be found.

Palacios was arrested as recently as June for driving while intoxicated and was released after paying a $500 fine. He was also involved in two police chases and had four outstanding drug and DWI warrants, officials said.

A Dallas County sheriff's deputy pulled over Palacios around 2 a.m. Monday after spotting him weaving through traffic, authorities said. As the deputy approached the car on foot, Palacios sped off with his lights off and drove through a red light, striking a sport utility vehicle carrying five Southern Methodist University students.

Palacios' car went airborne and crashed into the Clouets' SUV, crushing it and killing them at the scene, authorities said. The couple was returning from a date at the movies.

"She was a wonderful teacher and will be greatly missed," said Irma Vega-Zadeh, the principal at the elementary school where Clouet taught.

At least three others were injured, including two SMU students who were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

"Many deputies said it was one of the worst accidents that they ever saw," Dallas County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Kimberlee Leach said in a story on The Dallas Morning News' Web site. "You couldn't make out what kinds of vehicles were involved."


I used to have a next door neighbor (until she got her ass evicted) who had seven DWIs. Yes seven. The most jailtime she ever had was 7 days in a city jail.

Her major punishment is the revoke of her driver's license for the rest of her life. Oh noes. That never stopped her. She was the biggest example of world's greatest loser when you saw her. She was only 26 and all of her kids were taken from her many times.

When I see someone who killed others who already has had 4 convictions of DWI, Im sorry. There comes a point in time when you need to throw their asses in jail and not spank them on the wrist and say "no license for j00!"

People who have to create conspiracy and hate threads to further a cause lacks in intellectual comprehension of diversity.


  • AldwinAldwin Member Posts: 92

    God, that is horrible.

    My heart goes out to the family of the newlyweds...

    As for drunk driver scumbag, hang him.

  • BushMonkeyBushMonkey Member Posts: 1,406

    You have a good heart Enigma,  i would say  Jail is just to good for dumdasses like that, ship them off to Afghanistan and let them clear minefeilds or something harsh like that to straighten them out.  Jail is just not gonna cut it.

  • Skeens99Skeens99 Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited October 2018
    What? No licence? I really can’t afford to lose mine. I deliver food and without a license, will not be able to do so. It has happened once that I was driving after a couple of drinks but after that, I have been careful. It was because of a good Los Angeles DUI attorney that I got to keep my license.
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