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Everquest 10 years old Feb 09 - Graphical Makeover...?

burdock2burdock2 Member UncommonPosts: 420

Just wondering, since UO did it for thier 10 year annivesary, it would stand to reason that this huge game gets the same treatment, possibly with a re-launch, including a 10 year anniversary collectors edition (all expansions plus new graphic makeover supporting DirectX 10 and Multi core processors) and a limited edition box.

To coincide with the relaunch, they should open up two new servers, one for US and one oceanic, so that new players dont have to be the bottom of the rung anymore!


Heres hoping!


  • BillingsBillings Member Posts: 18

    That would be great! But as we saw with the progression server you would be on the bottom again within a few weeks.  People still play this game 10 hours a day -  the only difference is now they have it down to a science!



  • BuzWeaverBuzWeaver Member UncommonPosts: 978

    I logged in during the Live Legacy to check out the revamps of the old zones and they were all deserted. I hear people talk about redoing the graphics, but I can't imagine it would be worth the effort.

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  • UraelUrael Member UncommonPosts: 39

    I've been talking about this for years as being what would bring me back to EQ. To this day, it's the only game I ever talk about and get emotional/nostalgic (not crying a river, mind you, but the vets will understand). Sadly, I just can't bring myself to subscribe again, as its future is so uncertain. A graphical overhaul, a newly designed official UI by T. King and a 10-year anniversary edition would without a doubt bring me back another 5-10 years guaranteed. Oh, and new non-progression servers on the official 10th anniversary.

    On a side note, however, I understand the support has all but disappeared and EQ is now overwhelmed by cheaters and rang rangs. This is something I definately would not tolerate, but I suppose they would have to somehow determine what the surge of players would be if they were to do this before they could get the budget to make the changes and strengthen the support structure.

  • VashnerVashner Member Posts: 58

    An Upgrade would be to go back to the original grapics right at Velious level.


    Graphics are important but they don't make a game. And EQ1 worked with the original grapics. It just fit. And was a fine work of art considering.


    They should upgrade it BUT that should be a seperate track. I.E. Classic vs modernized engines.


  • SgtFrogSgtFrog Member Posts: 5,001

    they already have sevral times during the last decade.

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