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Playing Skyblade on Windows Vista

Do anyone have any problems running  skyblade in windows vista? I recently played skyblade using windows xp sp2, but since i bought a new laptop with windows vista premium package sp1, i had prblems running the game in the new OS!  Now, i just use my new laptop to play "other" games. Whenever i want to play skyblade, i just use my old trusty desktop.. (LOL!)


  • zzoneLokbuzzoneLokbu Member Posts: 1

    problema ko rin dati yan.. i asked zzone and they said its impossible right now to play skyblade in windows vista.....  then one day while i was checking the features of my laptop running on windows vista.. ahaha..

    Follow this:

    1. Click "Control Panel"

    2. Then Click "Programs" from the lists inside the control panel

    3. Then you will see "Program and Features" on the topmost list.

    4. One of the items under Program and Features is "use an older program with this version of Windows" it

    5.  "Start Application in Compatibility Mode" will appear

    6. Then just follow the instruction in the "wizard"

    7. I tried several options in the "wizard" until i was able to run skyblade in my "laptop with windows vista".

    8. I forgot the correct option you can also try several options in the "wizard" until you get it right..

    good luck!!!

    Khan Player ako


  • pogikosobrapogikosobra Member Posts: 6

    Finally! May sumagot din!   Thanks bro up to now hindi ko pa nalalaro ung skyblade sa vista. Anyway salamat sa tip mo. I will try it kung gagana talaga. I'll let u know pg npagana ko hehe.

    Thanks uli. Overlord palyer ako eh. :c lvl.65 wind

  • snakes121snakes121 Member Posts: 9

     how about 64bit vista?

  • Godfatherx8Godfatherx8 Member Posts: 10

     i am not too sure about  64-bit vista because i fixed it on my friends computer and im not sure what kind of vista he had. but i moved the skyblade folder from program files to the users  folder under  the  user  u  want to play skyblade  on  when you  get   on t he  laptop.  that  should  fix  it.  also  sometimes the  shortcut that  is put  on  your desktop when  skyblade  is  installed  doesnt work,  so try  clicking  the  skyblade exe. directly from  the skyblade  folder and  it  should  work

  • snakes121snakes121 Member Posts: 9

    i got it to work on 64bit vista

    turn off DEP completely reboot

    get the january 2010 d/l, admin/combatibility checked

    and play...


    but now they shifting to Magics.Co.

    been down 3 days now

    as of 27/04/10

  • j0nazsj0nazs Member Posts: 2



    how do we bring it back to normal after??

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