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AoC Sets the benchmark in MMO gaming



  • TalRashaTalRasha Member UncommonPosts: 827
    Originally posted by skullquaker

    Originally posted by Thunderous

    This game MIGHT have 100K subs.  MAYBE.
    I guess the OP needed some attention because nobody is that stupid as to believe everything he posted, or at least I hope not.


    well it has 101k  one my friends used my game gard that i bought in june and never used  . that one more player comeing back  lol


    That is exactly how funcom counts. 1 player  = 1k.

  • ShanniaShannia Member Posts: 2,096
    Originally posted by supbro

    Forums are a small percentage of the actual playerbase, the game has 400k subs. Say what you will that is a success story, mind showing some factual information where there are less?


    Huge difference between 400k active subscribers and 400k active players.  You have to remember, MANY folks bought extended subscriptions so they could play for the cheaper rates.  Problem is, Funcom said we will not hear any subscription numbers going forward after the August 14th release of 400k subscribers.  The reason why they don't want you to know how many subscribers they have is because it is a sinking ship.  They sold over 1.2 million boxes and lost 80% of those customers in the few short months they've been out.

    Yes, they did set a new benchmark in MMORPG gaming.  A Benchmark of how to go from $15 million dollars in subscription fees a month to $6 million a month in less than 90 days and keep dropping from there because of a company that just doesn't care.  If that is the type of benchmark Funcom wanted to set, they did a great job.


    Fear not fanbois, we are not trolls, let's take off your tin foil hat and learn what VAPORWARE is:

    "Vaporware is a term used to describe a software or hardware product that is announced by a developer well in advance of release, but which then fails to emerge after having well exceeded the period of development time that was initially claimed or would normally be expected for the development cycle of a similar product."

  • NymphieNymphie Member UncommonPosts: 28


  • gryjingryjin Member Posts: 125

    i love to bite at the occasional bit of trollbait from time to time myself...but does this thread REALLY deserve this much attention?

  • zonzaizonzai Member Posts: 358
    Originally posted by supbro

    I love:
    - Revolutionery combat mechanics
    - Diverese classes, healers finally aren't healbots
    - AMAZING GRAPHICS , no game comes close


    I agree with the OP in that I too really enjoyed these three aspects of AoC.  It is just too bad that the negatives outweighed them so heavily.

    When I played the sieges were so bad laggy and lop-sided that they were pointless. I especially hate the complete lack of PvP balance in this game.  It is the worst PvP balance I have played in a long time and ridiculous for a game that claims to be about PvP.  The raids do not compete with other games, or even come close. And most of all I hated grinding one area over and over again on the way to 80. 

    The points that I do agree with the OP are flwed though.  The combat is refreshing but it favors spell casters due to the DDR combo system. The classes all have a unique spin and when (or if) they have some semblance of balance they will be interesting.  And the graphics are fantastic when the game runs above 10fps.

    In the end though, AoC was a real let down.  I was really hyped for this game too.  But what good there is comes at too high a cost to other things.

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