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imbantimbant Member Posts: 1,291

An interesting quote i found from community staff member "System"


Q:"Are the hit boxes the same size for every race? "

A: "They are most likely the size of the avatars, would be terrible to know you hit something and miss just because of the size variance of a dwarf and an ork. Advantages and disadvantages include race size."

I had missed this info i guess and it is pretty cool.  Will be interesting to see what the balance is to playing a smaller race like a dwarf which would have a smaller hitbox.

This game continues to amaze me in the steps it is taking to bring a realistic experience back to the MMO world.


Darkfall Releases on: February 25th, 2009

Darkfall Recap of everything that has happened the last 3 months:

"The monsters are tough. I was looking for a challenge, but these things are just too damn smart." -DF Beta Tester

"If people were dismissing it, then they wouldn't be talking about it. The well-meaning gamers root for efforts that try to raise the bar. So who's left? It's so easy being a skeptic." -Tasos

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