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Best Fantasy Sandbox?

GravebladeGraveblade Member UncommonPosts: 495

Hey guys, i was wondering what people's opinions would be on which fantasy sandbox style mmorpg is currently the best out.

What you guys think?


A few reasons for the game you choose would be great too. thx

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  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384

    I honestly cannot think of a successful fantasy sandbox game.

    Only successful sandboxes Ive seen were Sci Fi ones.

    Problem is a lot of people talk about wanting to play sandbox games but when they get made a lot of people start complaining about how boring they are.

    But in terms of a fantasy sandbox that is decent, I honestly cannot think of any out right now.

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  • AdrianusAdrianus Member Posts: 13

    Probably 'Classic' Ultima Online, but that doesn't really exist anymore legally.

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  • SignusMSignusM Member Posts: 2,225

    Ultima Online! One of the first, and most immersive MMOs with a real living community there. You had all kinds of people. Great roleplay environment, because you really could pretend to be anything you wanted. Hopefully Darkfall won't just attract the foam at the mouth PvPers. You need a balance in community, people lose sight of that. What is the wolf without the sheep? No sheep, no sheperds, and eventually, no wolves.

  • paulscottpaulscott Member Posts: 5,613

    The most sucessful sandbox is Runescape.   I just term sandbox as a game that has multiable advancement methods(IE: combat, crafting, faction, whatever)*.   It falls into that but it doesn't have the PvP that most people expect so I'll be flamed within the next 4 posts,  Typically people expect there to be some form of territory control, and people who delude themselves into thinking they're sandboxers expect a massive gank factor.


    *Simple enough to describe the core basics of the game style.   Logical and truthful to disarm anyone who hates sandboxes since they tried one and it utterly fail for them.

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  • miconamicona Member UncommonPosts: 677

    try Ryzom it's a mix of fantasy and sci-fi , enviroments are nice and the gameplay is very flexible as you can switch roles as you please healer,fighter,caster ....

    anyways i think it good plus it has a very deep crafting system.


  • RooseveltRoosevelt Member Posts: 341

    As someone else said UO, but it has been through too much now. If you could play the way it was back in the day.....Well you know.

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  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

    Ultima online was the most successful fantasy sandbox.

    the most modern fantasy sandbox would be Saga of Ryzom, which i am happily enjoying atm :)

  • BlodplsBlodpls Member Posts: 1,454

    Darkfall Online looks promising, you can sign up for the October beta here

  • AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437

    I agree with ryzom really being your best option, right now im playing lotro which in a way can be viewed as having some sandbox options, the trade skills are very differant then other mmorpgs im not sure if it has as much depth as eq2 since im still getting to know the game, but it has depth which is what matters in the end. You also get housing of course and lots of customization when it comes to gear like dyes and etc.

    I know it it has lots of lore/quests but they are fun and interesting quests it does not feel like a grind at all if you actually take your time, lotro doesnt have the pressure mentality of getting to max level asap and feels peaceful when you just sit at your computer and quest for a while. Also this the quests are more challenging then some mmorpgs hek the game is more challenging then wow in my experience so far. Another thing to consider is the world is truly massive for a new mmorpg, now it may not be as massive as eq2 im not really sure but you do get a much better sense of adventuring in this game, I never got this feeling when I played wow maybe it was because of the graphics but I think its mostly the way the areas where done.

    Alot of people dont realize it but if your looking for a sandbox your probably looking for a world that is interesting and gives you the emotions of adventuring and being a part of the world, and lotro deffinatly has that, even the mobs are interesting they dont come up to you and sniff you like in ryzom but its still much better then then mobs ive seen in other games.

    Anyways give it a try, but if you must have alot of sandbox options then deffinatly check out ryzom.

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