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This is a dead game.

chenbotchenbot Member Posts: 1

I went on this site yesterday to try to play it.  I downloaded it.  When I logged on, it said it was the wrong server.  I went to the site's forums to ask for the server number.  The forums were filled with porn ads. I found out the last time they updated the game was in 2005.  Don't waste your time downloading this game; you won't be able to play it.

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  • thingyofdoomthingyofdoom Member Posts: 9

    this looks dumb


  • blacknova541blacknova541 Member Posts: 5

    yeaaaa.. my bad. i couldnt resist getting the game shut down.

    i lol'd on the game 6 years ago for funnies. (heres what i did)


    at lvl 12, a summoners skill allowed the summoner to ( for 0 mana, with infinitley 0 cooldown) summon a weapon "Sword"

    this "Sword" sold to the npc vendors for 15,000 coins each, knowing this, i set a macro over night to summon millions and billions of sword, as the only one in the game that knew of this glitch, i mass sold all the swords, which conjured an ungodly amount of money that i tried to count but failed to, so i went to all the max level characters in the game and informed them to drop all of their gear immediately and i would continue dropping piles of million coins (in this game 50k was alot of money)

    so after i had fun destroying everyones gear in the game, i was informed (rudely) that my account was going to be terminated for violations of something or other (who warns people??) so i went to the starter spawn where newbies come in and gave each new player 500billion coins or so, then flooded the floors of the game with coin piles. after that i was immediately banned.

    after this, they tried to retrieve all the gold back, but failed as the gold had been spread out onto other accounts and they werent smart enough to trace it back i guess, so they simply inflated the game, so all the gold recievers were ungodly powerful, and the newbies had no idea how to get that strong, but in the end they simply ended up shutting the main servers down, if you go to the website listed on the link doesnt even work.


    so yea, my bad.

  • ZerotixZerotix Member Posts: 2

    This game has been dead for years, and all of a sudden you come out of nowhere to claim that you're responsible for it's death? Don't kid yourself. This was one of the few MMOs that I played that I actually had fun with. The world was cool, the game was original, and the customization via stats were that of Ultima and EQ. I like character control. 


    Anyway, like I said, don't kid yourself. You had nothing to do with the game being shut down. That was all Chase. He was in school for the entire game's release, and since he was off doing his own thing, had Bes takeover completely, and eventually he went AWOL. 


    The stunt you pulled was actually kind of funny, and since the game was filled with people that already were high lvl, it didnt matter. And get your info right. Spells in the game were limited to race, not class, and the sword summon being such a high sell rate was a small error on their part. 


    Also, the game was remade and re-released and everyone was set back to zero before everything was shut down, and it actually looked promising. Its a shame they had to end it, but with all these new games coming out, its hard to find something like this. And its a shame that everyone here says its a bad game just because its based on sprites and 2d graphics. Thats not what makes a game. 


    And if any of the other devs see this post, I hope they respond. (Majik, Arc, Bes, Sword, I'm talking about you guys)

  • Swords93Swords93 Member Posts: 1

    Hey, Swordmaster here.

    I'm glad some people actually still care about this game and want it back. It was by far one of the best games I've ever played and it IS the best 2D game. ChaseD was an amazing programmer, I was in shock by all the great things he added to the newest version of the game (before it was shut down.) But the community was what really made this game exciting. Thinking back on all the great memories with pegaz, magi jerry, oshawn, sunbunny, all other devs, and a ton of others makes me want to play again. I'm going to try and talk with ChaseD so we can start this game up again.

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  • ZerotixZerotix Member Posts: 2

    Necro-posting on a dead game is kind of redundant.

    Sword, I emailed you. Get back to me when you can man. I'd like to stay in touch. As far as MagiKnights goes, I tried to contact Chase a while back with no luck of getting a response. He made a browser game a few years ago called King of Kings or something, but I never played it. I wanted to get ahold of him to see if he still had the MagiKnights server and content. I'd love to get this game back up and running again.

    If not, I'd love to find another 2D MMO that was like this. I tried to make my own right after the game went offline using Playerworlds. I had like 6 or 7 people play the game daily, then I switched to Eclipse (you should check that out). That was years ago though.

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