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New QotW -- August 28, 2008

BurntvetBurntvet Member RarePosts: 3,465

New one out today....



From Lee Hammock's desk:

We’re currently in one of the busiest periods so far in the development cycle, with most of the teams in the Content Department polishing up a large number of towns or major storylines. The town polishes are ending this sprint, and the next few sprints are all storyline sprints so we can finish tightening up the storylines that run throughout the game. Also during the whole process we’re fixing a lot of bugs and other issues. We’ve also got a lot of features coming in from our programmers, such as our mouse-over tool tips that went live this week.

Virtual Worlds LA and Austin GDC are coming up, so we’re starting to get squared away for those. We’re not showing anything specific this year, but instead doing more of a “Hey look, it’s an actual game!” sort of presentation.

On to the questions!

1. Still want to know, is there a top rank of gear that will have everyone looking the same, or will there be multiple top "tier" armor sets, weapons etc. E.g. several types of heavy armor with the same stats rather than one type.

We’ve got a number of different suits of armor for different specific purposes, each with its own style, resistances, stat modifiers, and noise generation. While we have suits made up of pieces that are designed to go together, all the individual pieces can also be switched out so players can mix and match armor as desired. Also, each faction has a special suit of armor at the high end, which you’ll see some art for in the coming weeks. So basically, at the high end there are 10+ different core outfits to wear, each of which can have each individual pieces switched out. Plus there will be a lot of characters who don’t end up maxing out their Armor Use skills, so they’ll be wearing one of the scores of other types of armor available.

2. Will an individual be able to scavenge a type of guitar and possibly use it as an improvised weapon for the sole purpose of crushing another's skull?

EL KABONG! Now let’s see how many people get that reference.

Wow, I wish I had thought of that a few months ago when we did our last round of weapon designs. That would have been awesome. Sadly no, but we do have parking meters, metal posts with concrete on the end, rock hammers, and all manner of pointy sticks.

3. Will we ever see more official fiction?

Yes, it’s just that the content team is so busy currently no one has time to write it.

4. Will the official fiction continue through launch?

I certainly hope so, though we haven’t set up a specific schedule for it yet.

5. Any of the writers already writing or thinking about writing Fallen Earth Series novels?

We’ve got several published writers in the company, so if we go that route we’ve already got a bunch of candidates. Personally I would love to do some FE novels, as I think we could tell a great story and give players lots of neat background info and story hints in the process.

6. A while ago, various enviroment changing techniques were shown about FE, including the fact you could dig a hole and create a bunker/a trap in the ground for yourself using a gun, or use mutations to cause the ground to rise up as a shield. Are these still in place or have they gone through some major alterations/removed?

The whole digging thing is out for now. Basically it’s a big pain to try and communicate terrain changes to everyone and keep it from being horribly abuseable. Not saying it will never be there, but for now it’s been backburnered.

The wall of earth mutation has been cut due to the feeling it was too “magic-esque” in feel, but the tech is still there if we ever feel like we can use the idea for something else.

7. With all these graphics updates, are the original clothes / accessories still in? Could we have some screenshots with similar clothes to the older ones please?

A lot of the older clothes are still in, just touched up with normal maps, etc. We’ve eliminated a lot of the older, cartoony-looking stuff. For example, we used to have a visor-ish thing that looked like Cyclops of the X-Men should be wearing it. We traded that out for some night-vision goggles.

8.Tell me more about GlobalTech please?

Ok, shoot.

9. Did they start the great war?

Sort of. While they didn’t throw the first punch, they certainly were there for the shoving match beforehand.

10. Did they engineer Shiva to destroy their enemies?

Yes, but not how you think. Killing enemies isn’t profitable. Making something that can kill your customers’ enemies for them, now that’s profitable.

11. If they were so all-powerful, how and why did their empire collapse?

Just because they may have had a hand in Shiva doesn’t mean they had a cure, which is doubly true if it was never meant to be a plague in the first place…

12. Who is their Leader now?


13. Is it the same person who founded them?


14. When did they start going into business and for what?

GlobalTech was a mutli-national corporation with major interests in agriculture, consumer electronics, defense industry, commercial operations like GloboGas and Waffle Warehouse, financing, and nanotechnology. As a matter of fact, Life Industries (a subsidiary of GlobalTech) was the industry leader in nanotechnology.

15. Were they genetically enhancing things before the fall??



  • daarcodaarco Member UncommonPosts: 4,275

    Good read.

     It cant be long time until open beta : )

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