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Hello Kitty Online: Exclusive Hello Kitty Online Trailer

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

For those of you out there who just can't get enough of that mad cat Hello Kitty, the dev team sanrio Co. have sent along this new trailer for the upcoming MMORPG.

Hello Kitty Online Trailer

The folks from Hello Kitty Online have provided us with this new trailer for their upcoming MMO.

Hello Kitty Online Trailer

Read Carolyn Koh's impressions of the game here.


Jon Wood
Managing Editor



  • DarwaDarwa Member UncommonPosts: 2,181

    Now I feel somehow dirty for wanting to try this out.

    Thanks Jon.

  • streeastreea Member UncommonPosts: 654

    Say hello to the true WoW killer...

    Wait, it wants to say hello back to me? And it wants me to garden and dance and sing happy songs too?

  • dterrydterry Member Posts: 449

    Kill me.

  • RadiickRadiick Member Posts: 94


    Oh God!


    If I had to chose between Hello Kitty Online and AoC?  I would forever quit MMOs for the rest of my life.......................! Now throw in Barbie's Adventures in Lala-Land MMO and I would forever shut my cell phone down for good as well...........Where has MMO gaming gone?

    Its worse to actually think about doing something then actually doing it!!!

  • AlienShirtAlienShirt Member UncommonPosts: 621

    HKO battlegrounds are gonna rock!!!

  • AlienovrlordAlienovrlord Member Posts: 1,525

    I shudder to think what kind of graphical mods people will invent for this poor game and the resulting screenshots/movies that will get out on the web.

  • bbegirlbbegirl Member Posts: 61

    It's a really nice and cute trailer, and in glorious pink! Way to go Kitty Online, more more more!! lol!

  • ATVIATVI Member Posts: 1

    WOW killer

  • Skooma2Skooma2 Member UncommonPosts: 697

    To you people who cannot imagine why Hello Kitty would put an MMO ...  there are tons of girls who do not currently MMO.  This is a chance to get them hooked on the genre.   I thought we were all capitalists on these boards ... you guys should have figured that out already. 

    Hedonismbot: Your latest performance was as delectable as dipping my bottom over and over into a bath of the silkiest oils and creams.

  • This game sucks.  Linear gameplay, forced raiding, shallow crafting, and gold sellers.  Don't waste your time, stick with Dark and Light....


    On a more serious note...$10 says it has more subs then wow.

  • georgebinggeorgebing Member Posts: 15
    Originally posted by Skooma2

    To you people who cannot imagine why Hello Kitty would put an MMO ...  there are tons of girls who do not currently MMO.  This is a chance to get them hooked on the genre.   I thought we were all capitalists on these boards ... you guys should have figured that out already. 


    I couldn't agree more, more girls in MMO's is the right thing to do I say!

    Btw, who was the one posted about forced raiding in HKO? That would be too funny, what kind of raids would that be, the quest to drown the monster KillaCutiePies with the most fluffy pillow? LoL

    but yes, my money is on HKO and I'm going to give it a try, laugh all you want! I'm going to play the game laughing all the way (or smiling or just being cute) rofl.

  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384


    People who have to create conspiracy and hate threads to further a cause lacks in intellectual comprehension of diversity.

  • jeffff23jeffff23 Member Posts: 5

    Butters:  I dont play World of Warcraft

    Cartman:  You said you're all day on the computer

    Butters: Yes, but I'm playing Hello Kitty - Island Adventure



  • KrayzjoelKrayzjoel Member Posts: 906

    Hello Kitty Online got a mature rating so dont let you kids play this!!!

    Played : WOW, LOTRO, COH/COV, EQ2, SWG, and WAR.
    Playing EVE Online and AOC.
    Wtg for SW:TOR and WOD

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912
    Originally posted by Stradden

    For those of you out there who just can't get enough of that mad cat Hello Kitty,  


    Those two people come here?!?

  • AranStormahAranStormah Member Posts: 278

    The scary part is that this game is bound to get a tonn of first time subs.

    The Hello Kitty franchise is huge. It's like a combination of MacDonalds and Pokémon, and for some reason people can't get enough of it in Asia (dunno about the rest of Europe or America). It'll score subs just from people adding it to their Hello Kitty collection...

  • Ecstasy25Ecstasy25 Member Posts: 24

    I predict this game will bring many Amber alerts.

  • havelhavel Member Posts: 36

    This is weird, why is there a separate comments section AND a forum section and a separate forum in Hello Kitty Online Game? Isn't that all a bit confusing?

  • TeimanTeiman Member Posts: 1,319

    Most hardcore MMO's players will play this game, If only to be able to say "I have played ALL mmos, that includes HKO".  

    And yes,... for some reason, Hello Kitty is still hte flag of cuteness for tons of people. Mostly womens and girls. 

    I will be glad to play this game, a bit, to see how a different world, of cuteness, play.  I am not on the cuteness factor, but I love cute stuff, more like lolcats than hk....

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912
    Originally posted by Ecstasy25

    I predict this game will bring many Amber alerts.


    With that e-mail/blog/picture shit, my daughter won't be playing it. Let the asians pimp their own kids.

  • TheTruthToldTheTruthTold Member UncommonPosts: 107

    The end of WOW is at hand! and it comes with purrrrrrr.

  • SuperMattSuperMatt Member UncommonPosts: 36

    Let's see.

    1. Skill-based instead of classes. I'm glad to see this! It could be a sandbox game to replace SWG. I'm sure it'll have more subs.

    2. Housing. It has it. Sounds good. Is it a real MMO if it doesn't have housing? HKO sounds like it's for real, especially the garden aspect. I hope gardening ties in with crafting.

    3. Quest-driven. I like questing, but I hope it's not so directed that the sandbox element is missing. There's a lot to be said for running around doing my own thing.

    4. Crafting/Tradeskilling. It's not a real MMO if it doesn't have crafting. I'm glad to see HKO will have crafting.

    5. Graphics. It looks kind of cartoony, but isn't that what they said about WoW?

    6. Soloability. From the review it sounds like building housing is going to be a long process that's easiest with a guild. I hope this isn't true for release. I've done enough grinding in other MMOs to last a lifetime. Hopefully, soloers will have a place in HKO. We'll see.

    7. Instancing. HKO doesn't appear to have instancing currently. This will appeal to the anti-instancing crowd.

    8. Combat. It sounds like a simple auto-attack. I hope this is expanded after release into a full line of specials with awesome animations and a combat queue to stack moves. I like that it has pets, but I'm hoping for a real pet class, er, skill, whatever. A Taming skill like old UO would be best.

    Technically, I've never played this and probably never will. However, I like what I see so far: a skill-based, quest-driven MMO with crafting and a real commitment to housing. Will this be the sandbox to replace SWG? Probably not, but it is skill-based, so I'll reserve judgment until I see SWG's sub numbers after this releases.

  • georgebinggeorgebing Member Posts: 15

    I don't think this game would not be able to go live without some strict security filters for the kids age group, I don't know what they are planning but with a brand like Hello Kitty I am fairly sure they will be wanting to protect kids safety, it's a bit like Disney isn't it?

  • havelhavel Member Posts: 36

    Lol, over 7400 views!

    More than all the other videos combined for the last two days, LOL

  • TheTruthToldTheTruthTold Member UncommonPosts: 107

    I definatly agree Supermatt. This game has the making of a great MMO, but it comes in pink. UO was my favorite MMO of release, until they changed it... Imagine what HKO could do, if it revived that gaming experience!

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