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Posting with Quotations a Problem Due to a New Tool that forces "Plain text" Pasting!

tunabuntunabun Member UncommonPosts: 666


I have never had a problem Copying, Cutting and then Pasting others' texts and quotes before but now every time I attempt to paste a pasting tool comes up that forces me to "paste as plain text".

Prior to this I could remake quote boxes without problem, allowing me to respond to individual sentences as I wished.  Now I have to respond within a single box making my posts much more unsightly and I really am getting frustrated.  Being forced to use this tool when it actually takes use away from my ability to create a post I desire is irksome.  I would appreciate a way to disable it, as it seems pretty ridiculous to force users to use tools when they force unwanted functionality on a poster while at the same taking away desired functions from the poster.

Copy, Cut, and Paste, should all be keyboard shortcut available, please don't disrupt this, or at the very least give the individual user the ability to disable it as they wish.



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  • rhinokrhinok Member UncommonPosts: 1,798


    I absolutely hate the new plain text pasting. It forces me to manually format the content back into what it was before I pasted it...


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