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Real site to register??

im wondering for the game DOMO which is the real registered site.

the one that is seen on this site or the one on

realy confused right now because i dont want o mess up my computer with a fake


  • VampyrHeartVampyrHeart Member CommonPosts: 30

    Both are real, it depends on where you live.

    If you are in europe ypu should register with the Gametribe site, if you are in USA you should register with aeris games, and if you are anywhere else you can pick either, but i suggest aeries games.


  • xXHuBBaZXxxXHuBBaZXx Member Posts: 21

    Use Internet Explorer 7 or Opera >> make urprotection medium " phishing filter have to be on "  No more fake websites , I have friends was registered for a year through a fake rapplez wbsite LOL . " this web site was using them as gold bots " :S

    anyway , i guess u have to check all the websites which u r registering it >> & BTW > every game only have onewebsite to regsiter >> ok . u cannot write accounts through HTTP & this websites have to write in one FTP " the game server " Got it . for Security Issues  > If u can >> then this game can get cracked easily using Tsearch . ;) kids play .


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