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How to make a great human healer class (newbie guide)

-Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298

Here is how you can make an awesome human healer (Works best for Confessor).

Take 5 points out of all stats. 

Take CON to 55.

Apply the trait Wizards apprentice (+10 int)

Apply the trait Brilliant Mind (+10 INT)

Apply the trait of Born of the Irydnu (+10 INT)

Apply the trait Touch as Nails (+200 health)


As you level, max INT and CON.  Apply an Intelligence of the Gods (+40 INT).  Apply small CON runes until you can apply a Constitution of the Gods (+40 CON).  You can take a smaller CON rune  if you are a Prelate or Channeler.  Prelates and Channeler's do not have unlimited mana like a Confessor, so you may want to put a few points in Spirit.


GOLD FOCUS SKILL (Thaum, Channeling, etc)

Take Block to 130% (sweet spot)

Medium Armor class's should take Medium Armor to 100% and use class armor.  Chan's should go with cloth.  Hammer should only have enough trains in it to use a 38% scepter.  Left over points go into restoration (70% - 100% depending on class)


A Channeler should only focus on one bolt line (ie: Electrocute and Lightning bolt).  Confessor should train all 3 DoT's, the single target nuke, and group damage absorber (yes, its possible to do, still tight trains).  Group heal can work well at 1 or 20 points.  If you can GM the group heal, do so.


The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

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