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Avalon Warriors - EU Defiant

AntaranAntaran Member Posts: 579

Brand new Super Group just started up. Aiming to be fun and enjoyable for all. THE SUPER GROUP ALWAYS COMES FIRST, if you use abuse or risk dimishing our reputation you get an instant kick from SG and will never be accepted back, we're harsh on rules but they are only rules to protect our members and others who play the game.

Our website is:

Once we have enough members and i'm sure the SG will last i will consider getting our own domain with a "donate" paypal link/button.


Background on the Founder/Leader :

Antaran is my name and i'm the Founder and Co-Leader of the Avalon Warriors. I'm a veteran of many MMORPG's, my first being Star Wars Galaxies many years ago. When i play an MMORPG i love to enjoy myself and see others enjoy themselves also, I've created a Guild/Kin in every MMORPG i've ever played and although they may not have been highly populated and well known, we were known for our Loyalty, Respect and above all else Helping people. These are the base foundations i lay for a Guild/Kin/SG.

If your interested and want more information please Mail Antaran In City of Heroes on the Defiant server.

I will keep my eye on this thread but due to commitments my time is limited but in game mail will always be replied to.

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