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This site needs a good podcast.

I noticed on the main page you have polls and one of them was fave feature of the site and the podcast came in at a poor 2% or so. Now the reason is because the podcast isn't very good and I'm not saying the people who do it currently can't make it better but the podcast needs more opinions and personality. Right now the problem I have with the podcasts (other than not being able to listen to most of them due to some weird bugs on the site) is that it's just sooo generic and the quality is all over the place.

I listen to GFW radio and The Legendary Thread on 1up and I find them podcasts to be great because it's all about their opinions and what they've been playing and how they feel about the news of the week etc etc. People want to listen to a podcast to know that actually the people who work on the site too feel the same way about a game and not be afraid of what the fanbois will think.

On mmorpg.com podcast you have interviews which I hate because why not just put interviews on a seperate feature as interviews instead of chucking them in the podcast. Also theres no personality coming out from the people hosting it giving their opinions or what they've been playing etc etc. It's just really generic and not fun to listen to and I want something more like The Legendary thread or GFW radio or even the Giantbomb podcast where they test drinks and stuff.

Mmorpg.com is crying for a good podcast and I seriously believe that alot of people on this site want one too, just what you have to offer atm isn't good enough.

+ Get better mics so the quality isn't all over the place and so you ain't handing over the mic constantly making us listen to all the movement of clothes and stuff.

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