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Study System

leggel619leggel619 Member Posts: 63

3. Study System

3.1 Study Skill

1. Skill Setting:

1) Lifeskill—Study Skill. Players can learn this skill and obtain a Student Card after using the Study skill book which may be purchased from the Grocers in the three main cities.

2) Make sure the Student Card is in the character’s necklace slot and then go to the next step otherwise you cant use the study skill.

3) Make sure the book is the main hand equipment and then studying will begin.

4) After using the study skill, the character will sit and study. During the period, characters cannot try any other actions until the book’s endurance expires or the character will cancel the study session.

5) This skill has five ranks, the higher the rank, the more quickly experience will be obtained. Study skill can be upgraded at the cost of lifeskill points.

2. Education certificate setting:

1) When the student card is filled with experience, players are able to take a short test and obtain credits while finishing the test on time. After accumulating enough credits, players are able to take the promotion examination to upgrade their education certificate.

2) Upgrading their education certificate can increase the max credits of the student card.

3) Upgrading their education certificate can increase the max stored experience of a student card.

4) The education certificate is recorded on the student card.

3. Student Card’s function

1) The student card is obtained while learning the study skill, it cannot be traded or discarded.

2) The student card records:

The current education certificate

Current Credit/Max credit

Current experience/Max experience

4. Skill function

1) When the character is studying, the experience recorded on the student card increases at the same time. The increase rate depends on the current book rank.


3.2 Book Setting

1. Book concept:

1) Equipping the book in the main hand is required to use the study skill.

2) Books have different ranks, only advanced players are able to read high rank books. The higher the rank of the book, the more quickly experience will be obtained.

3) Books are embodied according to different character levels and classes.

4) A books’ endurance will decrease to 0 while reading and then it is destroyed.

2. How to obtain books

1) Purchase from the in-game Item Mall.

3.3 Exam System

1. Small Test

1) Players are able to join it at any time

2) Accept the “Small Test” quest from the Tester in Icicle City (1328, 469)

3) Players can only pass the test after completing the required quest and after acquiring enough stored experience on the student card. After that, the experience in the student card will be handed over to the character and the card will return to 0.

4) When the returned experience reaches the max experience of the student card, the credit increases automatically.

2. Promotion Examination

1) Accept the “Promotion Examination” quest from the Promotion Examination Officer in Icicle City (1321 ,468 ).

2) Players are able to accept this quest only when the credits in the student card reach the max number. The education certificate will be upgraded after passing the promotion exam.

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