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Would love to have some people to join our PVP

WarlordHazeWarlordHaze Member Posts: 3

We currently reside on the test server as the nation of Demolishers.  We have 9 cities in the nation and around 25-35 players on during the day. There is endless PVP but  we need more people who are willing to participate and play organized in Nation vs Nation  and Mine Battles which are every day. Ventrillo is REQUIRED. You will have tons of fun and if u stay we can easily get you your own city. I will supply you with gold and items for all your characters for you to get started, all i need is your participation. Our nation has Spec groups where we all roll the same kind of toon and work together as a team.  This nation is growing fast and catching the attenetion of other players in game i want to recruit outsiders to join our fun and grow with us.

If you need to contact me for any questions mail me

[email protected]  

heres olso a link to download shadowbane client.

heres olso how to gain acces our TEST server because its not accessable unless you use this procedure.(test server drops 2x gold and 2x experience points*&p_li=

heres olso the forum website to the test server

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