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Do you really like tales of pirates

leggel619leggel619 Member Posts: 63

           I think that I agree with it because it is just very cool , I think that If the had more characters, it will be even more cooler. For me, If I rate this game from 1-10, I would rate it a perfect 10, because of all the games that I played, this is the coolest.



  • gavinxxxgavinxxx Member Posts: 44

    the game is nice.


    ill rank it to 11 not 10




  • Jalice888Jalice888 Member CommonPosts: 113

    Obviously you players aren't the ones paying for items as I'm sure you must be making your parents buy the mallpoints which cost $99.85US for 2000 mallpoints. To get weapons you bid for things like the Crusader Lv65 sword I saw bidded 3500 mallpoints, the Zero Gloves were up to 6500 mallpoints before I gave up looking and then IGG -TOP asked you to pay 10000 mallpoints to LOAN a set of Kylin armour so you can be one of the few idiots with $1000US+ pixel gear on to go killing everyone else in Foresaken City, Dark Swamp, mazes etc so those normal people wake up to this real life scam of money and quit thanks to you idiots. There is nothing fair or worthwhile with this game and if you earned the money yourself there is every reason never to play it.

    Yes it is all a big problem and seems the worst of any game I ever came across, I tried a few others when upset the way Jagex are ruining Runescape while slightly increasing costs and lowering experience to scam real life money that way but all other games seem to be worse at scamming from us the workers that earn the money and want a fair deal to relax with. All those other games didn't even suggest costs like this and the only reason I stuck with this, when so many other failures were apparent for low level genuine game characters that were true players working for all types of levels, was to catch up with old friends that left RS for this game. By time I found out how bad the scamming is and quit I was starting to get replies from them warning me not to waste my time playing as this was the change within the first year the game was available for them and costs kept getting more & more worse!

    No surprise the latest message the designers posted on this Forum is to encourage new players but use your brain - sandbags are like 20-25k each and it took me to about lv30 to get around 100k as a new player so the only way you can start to play and get those as a newbie to raise levels at a normal rate is by buying game money from TOP, the other common option is to buy from in-game websites advertised and there they get your passwords in all games aswell as your parents bank account details and password thus now you are in major trouble at home so yea you quit like all the rest of us regular real players that don't try to cheat the game. Any purchase for an advantage is cheating and no account that pays to beat others this way is worth wasting time considering that player any better than useless, someone that has done all the work to get where they are is the only person that deserves full respect!!!

    RIP TOP, see all the people with QUITTING above their heads if you are silly enough to play here when you could play lots and lots of other games with more fun and better value!     My rating 1 out of 10.

  • gavinxxxgavinxxx Member Posts: 44

    using soooo many smilies is called spamming your thread


  • Retard0Retard0 Member Posts: 52

    Well lets see..... I've been playing it for a while, off & on.

    Made Level 41.

    Spent a whole $10 at the Item Mall so I can mine meteorites & pick up a few extra baubles.

    Never had to spend a dime for a decent weapon.

    Have been having fun going solo, and helping out people every now & then.

    So far, I like it!

    For my only gripe:  trying to create stuff.  I dont want a Fairy Pet.  Why do I need these stupid things to do certain things?  What is it with these asian MMO's almost requiring a "pet"???






  • JrtlaktalkJrtlaktalk Member Posts: 2

    TOP is a great game, nice features, even nicer graphics - and ideally, the best 'f2p' games around - but its community has degenerated into the...

    [I will now skip my argument and go straight to the end in response to the expected 'ARHGHH!1 U SUCK!!!!>.1  TOP ARE GRAETREEST111" resonse]

    So all-in-all, if you are looking for an online single player grindfest where the people you are going to end up partying with the most, is the minimized windows screens of your secondary accounts - then this is for you.  If you'd like to actually  interact with other people, other than for pvp with a bunch of elite item mallers, then give this one a skip.

  • Jalice888Jalice888 Member CommonPosts: 113

     Well you need a pet fairy to be a skiller as this is essential to do any secondary thing with the primary items from drops and primary skills like mining and woodcutting.

     The only way it seems to get gems is to PVP & this is even in the sea. Remember PVP people pay $1000US or more for the best gear to kill off everyone else.

     Don't lie that this is not the truth, the only way for anything else is hackers, I saw so much dropped by thieves who don't care a dam about what they do with you account and spread all you items everywhere unless they have a friend that needs them so most good accounts either paid a fortune or stole it. The only one outside that is the very first players from a few years ago that were allowed this honestly but most likely they all quit like the friends I had that recommended me and laughed when I said I was trying it - they knew it was destroyed and changed to be a ripoff so gave up long ago and i'm so glad I quit too!

     I never liked the level of immature abuse and scamming aswell as website scammers advertising which leads to people getting your real bank account information too.

     You only have one option and that is read all games information and find a better game, NO WAY is this a F2P game as you can't do much at all and yes lvl43 is where I got to before I found how badly I had been taken in by IGG.



  • gavinxxxgavinxxx Member Posts: 44

    even TOP same with other game,, there are some that is different with this game


  • pyratekidpyratekid Member Posts: 3

    I haven't played a lot of games but i like top. its not perfect and there is a bit of grind but it can be fun and more interesting and the game goes along. i don't think you really need to go pay $12345678912468374398 just to get better items, thats just silly and you can do fine with the weapons you can buy in the game.

    the only things i dont like are lag (probably because its on an overseas server and my computer is shit slow), the customer service and it not being as pirtaety as i expected xD

  • SilokSilok Member UncommonPosts: 732

    Well if you like it that good for you. Me i dont bont well this is just a matter of taste.

  • troy1991troy1991 Member Posts: 4

    I can't believe how much people complain over a game. Tales Of Pirates is a great game. Elite equipment don't cost no $1000 dollars kids. Elite Boi's cost maybe 20m at max.  considering you get Ref gems 3 - 4M for questing it not to bad. Maybe do the commerce quest I heard its possible to get about a mill per hour after you do it enouh to drop tax rate in game. Not saying its fun. But thats a legit and free way to make money on Top. Overall great game. Though mallers do get an advantages easyer to get weapons ect. But yet again they are supporting the game so they deserve it.

  • DR0G0DR0G0 Member Posts: 5

    I agree with you men, I love this game too, id never think that i'll play the same game for a long time, here we can have a lot of fun for long time, xD.

  • 0007623100076231 Member Posts: 4

    well i pid 50 euro to igg get all prove wwhen i send to support they dont even help me bd support bad game and wated 50 euro ;( great worked 2 days for nothing.

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