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list of games not in mmorpg.com's game list

ragnarokekragnarokek Member Posts: 134

i have noticed that there are some games out there that are not in mmorpg.com's game list. here are some of mmo's thats already running (and in english) but not on the list:

1. nostale online - a f2p game thats kinda like ragnarok (based on features that ive read on their official website).

2. vside - a social networking game. although i saw 1 vside thread here in the forums, its not on the list, if habbo hotel is in the list, then i think vside also deserves a spot.

3. 4story - a f2p that they say is a clone of WoW. currently in pre-open beta

4. wizard101 - a card duelling / digimon / pokemon type of mmo with a twist of harry potter

5. fantasy tennis - a tennis mmo (if shot online is in the list, then other sports mmo should be too)

6. freestyle - a street basketball mmo

7. fishing champ - a fishing mmo

... and many more, there are even a lot of racing mmo's already out but i forgot the names.

please feel free to add to this thread some games you know that are already out but is not on mmorpg.com's game list. thanks



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