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Rappelz epic 5

DemonAuraDemonAura Member Posts: 90

well i quited for a while. and epic 5 came out, so i want to ask wht new things came other than new pets


  • OzmodanOzmodan Member EpicPosts: 9,726

    No one can tell you, the latest patch broke most of the players games.

    I don't know anyone that can play yet.  Check back next week after Tuesday's patch, maybe they will get it fixed by then.

  • BigMangoBigMango Member UncommonPosts: 1,821

    Epic 5 part 1 has been live in Europe for a couple month now. Europe should be getting part 2 in 1 or 2 months.

    Here are the part 1 patch notes:

    For both Live and Test.

    New Content and Systems:

    1. NPC for 2 new events that are starting added to each village.

    2. Creature Skill Tree Renewal.

    The same deal with Creature item Expert. NPC Basics use 80%, ex-commons use 90, ex-uncommon use 95, and rares and up use 100%.

    3. White Dragon/Cerberus creatures and their cards added. They only drop from the new dungeon.

    4. E5 Logo/Loading Screen/Log in screen changed.

    5. Island and dungeon added.

    -Get there through warp in Palmir Coast.

    -Monster on island are dungeon-strength monsters. Lv 121-125

    -Monsters on dungeon are stronger than dungeon monsters(+++). Lv 125 to 145.

    -Dungeon Boss, Betrayal, is Lv 150.

    6. Guards added to patrol the villages. Roles will be added in the future.

    7. 13 R6 weapons, and R6 shield added.

    8. Weight of consumable items reduced.

    9. Soul Stone durability reduced.

    10. Skill tooltip will display what leveling up the skill does.

    11. Rupee reward for quests dramatically increased.

    12. Creature Card drops changed.

    -All monsters will be able to drop creature cards.

    -The higher the level, the rarer the card.

    13. Money On Hand Limit system added.

    -You can only hold 10bill rupees in inventory, and 100bill in warehouse. Gold and Silver ingots added to the merchant to deal with the extra.

    14. Monster color name change to distinguish passive monsters from aggressive monsters. Aggressive monsters will have red name.

    15. Idle animations added to Avatar and Creature. After a while, they will both perform their idle animations.

    16. Attacking guilds and their alliance will be able to teleport to Dungeon through NPC during Dungeon Siege time.

    17. You will not be able to have your own army of moon rabbits.

    18. The herb needed for the Trainee Island quest will respawn faster.

    19. Orange potions, as well as 2 other scrolls, won't be sold at Merchant anymore.

    20. Creature Movement Speed scroll added. Sold at each village's Merchant(what's the point of having different levels then?).

    21. Empty Bottle for Creature's potion production skills added and sold at Merchants.

    22. Something about the geography and Teleporter NPCs.

    23. Atmosphere changes for some regions.

    24. Creature PvP damage(when creatures attack player and other creatures) was adjusted.

    Changes made since Astarot Test Server's April 30(This changes also apply to live servers, but since they never had E5 before hand, it's not really a change. Basically, what this section means is that what the Live servers are getting is what Astarot had up to April 30, plus these changes.)

    1. The special items on sale removed.

    2. Effect of "Unity: Skeleton" skill and their Potion adjusted.

    3. MP consumption of magical active skills adjusted.

    These are: The Lv 20 skills("high damage debuff skills") for Red Pixie, Salamander, Angel, Siren, and White Dragon.

    4. The Salamander's P.Atk/M.Atk passive's P.Atk value was increased. The M.Def/P.Def passive's M.Def value was increased.

    5. Salamander's Vital Unit changed to Warrior Armor.

    6. Siren's "Awakening: Evasion" changed to "Awakening: MP Regen"

    7. Unities won't stack anymore.

    8. Field Monsters will be able to drop R6 items and cubes, but at lower drop rate.

    9. Creature Empty Bottles and Mov Spd scrolls sold at Merchant.

    10 and 11 have me confused. They're talking about the creature creation stuff, but I'm not sure if it's the item or the skill.

    12. Changes to the topography of the new dungeon.

    13. Fixed freezing problems in Palmir Dungeon.

    14. Betrayal's skill range changed.

    Cash Shop items added

    1. 1 R2, 3 R3, 1 R4, 1 R5, and 1 R6 cape added.

    2. Rabbit and Crab added(yes, they are both cash shop items). They work the same way and still do nothing.


    And this is some summarized info about what is hitting the test server for Epic 5 part 2 on the 25th:

    Premium Test Server reopens August 25 for Part II

    New Mount, Qilin.

    Some new dungeons.

    New R6 weapons and armors.

    Some hunting zone?

    Some more decoration pets.

    They'll be releasing Rappelz Focuses(like las time) leading to the release about:

    Raise in level cap(to 170)

    Set items

    Character skill rebalancing

    Server stabilization

    Client stabilization


    Also, 4 days ago (on August 12th) the French Euro servers got a nice patch with 4 new rank 3 and 4 new rank 4 armors, increasing the total number of new armors to 16. This patch also included the current 15 days olympic games event (awesome drops and more).

    With Epic 5, compared to the Epic 3 I have played before, the game now feels much more polished and complete. It now feels like a finished game. I like the new land mass they have added, aswell as the weather effects with rain (it rains often in some areas like katan) and snow, and the improved graphics with the better textures. And now with epic 5 part 2 the level cap will be increased to 170

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