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just won th advanced pack

boognish75boognish75 Member UncommonPosts: 1,540

Thank you I am enjoying this game so far, not sure what all the complaining is about , it reminds me of eve but with mechabots, everything you learn you learn in real time and it appears it is open to learn everything that pertains to yer bot ship, 

But my question aCTUALLy was as a winner of the 99$ advanced package how do I claim it, i have not recieved an email from or age of armor about how to claim it, any info would be appreciated.

playing eq2 and two worlds


  • Sys7emSys7em Member UncommonPosts: 120

    I was also one of the winners of the Advanced Package  not a PC but I can't complain. Never won anything from here before & it feels really good to see that YOU HAVE WON banner


    so I guess I will download this game and give it a shot, even though it has a pretty low rating. Got in WAR beta the other day but I am already tired of it.

    So thanks MMORPG, your contests are really fun, I don't know whos paying for the prizes "mmorpg or the game company?" but thanks again.

  • JudgeBondJudgeBond Member Posts: 15

    I was the winner of the PC, and I haven't really been contacted either. :(

    I wonder when they will contact us...

    I also just looked at who hasn't "confirmed" their winning ticket, and it only seems like one person so they might be waiting on that. Just a guess though.

  • StuffyStuffy Member Posts: 77

    Did anyone actually recieve any of their winnings? I only won the ingame armor thing but I still havn't heard anything from them.

  • wingzero04wingzero04 Member UncommonPosts: 38

    guys it takes a bit =).. i won a contest a while back and got contacted like a month or 2 after it had passed XD.. i couldent claim it cuz i was on vacation with no internets QQ.. but yea give them a little while and u should be fine. And grats on winning the pc lol

  • JudgeBondJudgeBond Member Posts: 15

     Thanks for the information. I sent out an e-mail to one of the gm's on the age of armor forums and I am waiting for a reply. If I don't get one within a week or so I guess I'll have to be patient. 

  • wingzero04wingzero04 Member UncommonPosts: 38

    I got contacted by Board mods on here.. i dont think a GM in the game will be able to help u much sense i think this is mostly a sponsored event.

  • StuffyStuffy Member Posts: 77

    Almost exactly 1 month now.. still nothing.

  • daffasdaffas Member Posts: 56

    Same here, I would like to get the items to. 

  • StuffyStuffy Member Posts: 77

    3 months.. still nothing. I'm guessing this competition was just a scam then.

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