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how group heavy is this game.

zanfirezanfire Member UncommonPosts: 951

ever since my great experience with FFXI and EQOA/EQ ive always been a huge fan of games that involved ALOT of grouping, even just grinding WITH people was more fun because you could chat about stuff while you did it. it also mad the games feel much more like a community over just a single player game with a chat box...so is this game group style? i played a bit of the beta and i love the verity of classes and how they actually have subs like in FFXI.

so whats it like?


  • khmergotricekhmergotrice Member Posts: 16

    This game is very group heavy. When you are finding a place to level you will be looking for a party that is looking for certain jobs. Usually looking for aoe(area of effect) people, buffers, and other stuff like that. I havnt played this game since like, a really long time but I do remember it being group heavy. A good thing about this game though  is you can switch classes and mix your skills and other classes, some people say it reminds them of FF Tactics.


  • pyr1yepyr1ye Member Posts: 1

     This game is VERY social. There are guilds and other typical social features, but also, most jobs are meant to be used in conjunction with others (ex doctor and mercenary) and you can't really use other jobs' skills until you're lvl 20-30 in most jobs, so grinding in a team really helps. Also, most quests are team-friendly. For example, if you have to kill 40 of a certain kind of monster, any time anyone in your team kills one, it goes on your counter. 

    Me and a lot of my friends (7+!) waiting to start a plot event:

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