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Mail System

theanimedudetheanimedude Member UncommonPosts: 1,610

I've used you guys for my main video game mail source (I get all my game news and mmo stuff sent to my mail here) but recently, with just the size of e-mails these days with all their pretty pictures and such, the whole 500kb of space you guys are giving are unfortunately not working out anymore.

Is there any way, even if I do it through you guys directly, to get my mail forwarded to another address?

I love using you guys for my mail, I can stop here, check the latest news, check my mail, and by on my way, but I have had 3 or 4 e-mails now, that I have NO CLUE who they're from, and they keep bouncing with a simple notification of "You are not going to get this mail because it was too big" which is a big deal, since it doesn't even tell me from who it was from, so now I have no way to know who to respond to, and ask for a resend of the e-mail.

Again, simply, is there any way to get it forwarded? I have well over 25 different sources of information sent here, many of which I can't change the mailing address on.

Any help appreciate, Thanks.

Robert Klimm


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