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True Definition of Min/Maxing?

I am an avid PvP'er and I have heard of min/maxing on a regular occasion.

What is the best definition you can give me, I have only played one PvP game and that was AC, even though I played a little DAoC.




  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    min/max = Battle Mage, or Life/Archer in AC nomenclature. Since the Og mage isn't quite as viable as it once was.

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  • palidun50palidun50 Member Posts: 14

    To clarify, a min/max character would have stats like the following.

    str 100

    end 10

    coord 100

    Quick 100

    Focus 10

    Self 10

    Since as I recall you can only max 3 stats at char creation.

    This would give him max attack(melee) and max defense(melee) but min magic

  • el_Slackoel_Slacko Member Posts: 310

    It means that a character is developed so that he can maximize the use of a few skills and minimize the use of another.

    Such as, putting all your points and stats into skills that will help Melee combat and nothing into magical skills. Or visa versa or any other way you see fit.

    Pretty much a "Hard Core" character is what this is. Very dangerous at certain things.

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    Badmouthing second-rate MMORPGs since 1998
    Gandalf: "JOO SHALL NOT PASS!"
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