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Crap PC giveaway !!!

HypergolicHypergolic Member Posts: 11

Seriously, SnailGame, give it up... Your crappy grind fest of a game is dead and giving away a weak PC is not going to save it.




  • KartuhnKartuhn Member Posts: 139

    I am absolutely SHOCKED to see that this pathetic, limping, lifeless game is STILL trying to get up from mortuary slab! Give it up SNAIL! It's DEAD! Time to erect a headstone and let it rest in peace.

    Whenever I visit the AOA forum here I feel like a gawker passing throught the midst of a terrible accident and I can't seem to tear my eyes away despite the revulsion I feel. I feel sad that it didn't develop into what it had the chance to become but I don't feel sorry that it's dead. If I were as torn and battered and so badly dismembered as this game has become...oh please...PLEASE! Back up the bus and hit me again!  


  • tuathailtuathail Member Posts: 17

    I totally agree. I'm tired of watching them fight to take this game off the well it fell into.

    It's seriously not worth the time spent on it.

    Please! GIVE UP! 

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