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Rose Online = Good game to play if you don't have Vista.

keslerikesleri Member Posts: 127

Yep, this game is truelly is a very good game, i liked the game play and etc, i know i tried it for about  2 weeks when it was still p2p and i totally enjoyed it. The bad part is that now i have Vista installed and whenever i try to run the game my Lap Top just freezez and i can't continue, forcing me to reboot.

I searched their forums for some advise of some kind but there is a total lack of support from the publishers nor did anyone was able to find a stable sollution for this game. Or the ones that did aren't fully explaining how they managed to do it.

Anyhow as i said, good game if you don't have Vista.


  • RinicRinic Member Posts: 715

    Run the game in compatibility with Windows XP SP2

  • awesomoawesomo Member Posts: 31

    (Taken from poster Pteppic: )

    Rose does work under vista, but in some cases you have to compromise to get it to run correctly. The closing after char select problem seems to be a graphics driver issue, and can be solved by running rose in windowed mode rather than full screen. Also there are several options within the compatability tab on the properties sheet, that are worth trying one by one in combination with each other - ive had different results on different systems with using these options so experiment, its not gonna cause any problems to do so. (I have provided a picture of these below, however your properties sheet may not look exactly the same so play with what you have) Finally make sure you have DX9 installed and that your video drivers are up to date, vista can do odd things sometimes when it comes to graphics.

  • SaintRegimeSaintRegime Member Posts: 9

    Problems with vista?? i running it in compatability for xp service pack 2. i just right click and run as admin. the only problem is when i go to change my character after playing one i might dc. but thats it. mebbe i have a super computer

    but i cant see any real problems

  • jmgamer01jmgamer01 Member Posts: 3

    Are we talking Vista 64 or Vista 32? I've had very little issues running in 32 as admin.

  • Apollo_XApollo_X Member Posts: 6

    I encounter no problems running this game with Vista after applying the tips from this post. These and more solutions can also be found on the supportsection of the game forum.

  • VenalityVenality Member Posts: 3

    I play in Vista 32 with out changing anything...

    works fine.

  • samelizabethsamelizabeth Member Posts: 69

    I remember when this game was first out and was really really great.  Then it went pay to play, and versions got split (e.g Us and Korean).  Now the American version has gone free to play (due to a small community I guess), which made me really happy.  But after all the stress getting it to run with Vista there is a problem on the US version with a lagging party interface, which apparently lags more everytime they patch the game.


    I will admit they may have fixed this now, as it was a few weeks  ago, but my bf was playing a soldier, aoeing mobs, and I was a full support muse, only I had to watch the health on his screen to be able to heal him :(  We gave up with this after a while.  When I inquired on the ROSE forums, I was just told it was a problem they knew about, but which was getting worse with patchs :(


    Anyone know if they managed to do anything about this yet?  I heard a rumor that the members patching/running the game wanted to fix it, but wern't allowed to for some silly reason :(


    Really sad, as this is a great game

  • VenalityVenality Member Posts: 3

    I never really party, normally just solo... Why doesnt he just type like 1 or something when you need to heal him the last time I partied today, It didnt lag for me...

  • samelizabethsamelizabeth Member Posts: 69

    With the aoeing he is taking massive damage but pretty spikey.  So the choices are to either spam heal or watch the other screen some, or him shouting heal.


    Spamming is ok, but then you spend a lot of time resting on wasted heals, the other screen was making my neck hurt, and shouting, well its not nice to shout at your girlfriend :P


    I guess we could have just killed things one at a time, but where would the fun be in that? 


    But even aside from that, the American version has some odd changs, the crafting (another aspect I enjoyed) has been made weird, its a lot faster to level now, so unless you die over and over, getting the items you need can be a chore.  They have also swapped around wing mats, so that now higher level wings need low level mats, and low level wings need higher level mats.


    Also, because of how the ratios of con and sen work, crafting certain types of items peak at certain levels.  They don't get better as you level up, so you end up at level 18 for masks, and I think level 100 for refining the gems.  Though to be honest I am not sure if this was a feature of the original game.


    I think my problem with ROSE Online is that I played the original when it was free to play, and that has always been the best version, and whenever I hear, its about again, its never as good. I even tried the Play to play American servers, and there just didn't seem the population to make the game what it was.


    I remember when there were tons of people playing it, player stalls everywhere, and you could buy anything you wanted.  No matter where you were you could always see multiple groups around, and you always got an invite :)  It took you forever to level, so items were worth buying, but it was just so much fun to play.


    Whats with games making leveling easier?

  • VenalityVenality Member Posts: 3

    I hate grinding its boring... and the leveling seems the same to me since beta.

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