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why Massive People leave this game?

UpskirtPowerUpskirtPower Member Posts: 230

why Massive People leave this game?

I dont read much and I dont study much however I know that massive people leave this game and put down this game after they played it. I did not read their reason of why they leave this game and i am lazy to put effort on finding out why they leave why they say it suck.

and heres my reason of why i say it suck and left the game after i spin time on it for about 2 days.

reason : hard to control. you control with WASD.... finger pres son w most time and press hotkey all at the same time kindda hard to control and do skill. while in guild wars i use point n click  and use my hotkey or clicking icons easily.

i love this games art direction and just about everything. plus it has platforms and something to boot us up high on flight while in arena. great graphics. a truly next gen graphic on its prime graphic pixel shader 3.0 or dx10.


  • dma1dma1dma1dma1 Member Posts: 82

    not ever one like to pvp all the time. it get's boring after awell

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    How about:

    Absolutely no contact from "Bossman" ( the main guy ) or any other employee in almost two months, the last post by Bossman being the admission that the last contest they had, which many have still not gotten their prizes from, was a farce and then tried to blame the sponsors.

    Servers constantly breaking and players having to spam the "Trainz" forums ( the game Bossman focuses all his attention on now ) to have the dumbass reboot the servers.

    No further development or updates coming because the game flopped and has no money or possibility of investors for these things ( again stated by Bossman ).

  • PipwickyPipwicky Member Posts: 63

    game was a joke in "late" beta they completely changed the entire game several times


    nothing was right/logical just a bunch of crap skills/abilities and some pvp


    End of beta was a joke, such horrible performance/bugs. Everything they promised would work just fine after beta, just buy the game and poof all the problems would be gone.  lies


    game failed and for good reasons

  • HelloKirbyHelloKirby Member CommonPosts: 110

    Moral of the story:

    1. Never preorder games unless it is from a company that has proven that they will release quality material.

       a.  This applies to all video games.

    2.  If the developers say, "It will be fixed by launch" then don't believe them.

       a.  When they say that, they are running low on money and are desperate.  A quality product will release when it is ready to be released.

    I mean just look at AoC, I am so glad I didn't buy the game.  Or you can look at the history of "Dark and Light, Vanguard Saga of Heroes, or Anarchy Online."  Some of the flops might survive, but most of them will die.



  • DataDayDataDay Member UncommonPosts: 1,538

    It was a great concept but it didnt have the proper backing and tried to do too much too fast.

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912
    Originally posted by Rabenwolf

    It was a great concept but it didnt have the proper backing and tried to do too much too fast.


    It was a great concept utilized by deficient developers.

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