Empyrean Age expanison.. race wars?

hadubhadub Brooklyn, NYMember Posts: 25

Is that right?  There are race wars now? I'm signing back up tonight to try it out.  How does it work and how can I "get some"?


Also, can someone please tell me;  Is there any form of PvP where I cannot be podded?  My friend hooked me up with leet augments to get me going, and I don;t want to die and lose them ><




  • hadubhadub Brooklyn, NYMember Posts: 25

    It says I need .50 faction status to join the war... but I have only .12


    How can I get status quick? :D



  • XennithXennith BirminghamMember Posts: 1,244

    do missions.


    get jumpclones and pvp in an implantless clone.

  • AethiosAethios Cincinnati, OHMember Posts: 1,527

    Originally posted by Xennith
    do missions.
    get jumpclones and pvp in an implantless clone.

    Yes, this is definitely the best way. If you keep a steady stream of missions you'll be .5 in no time at all, and using a jumpclone will protect your implants while PvPing. Use the implant clone for missions and mining and all that, and then jump yourself to the "naked" clone for PvP to protect your investment.

  • KelldoreKelldore Necropolis, KSMember Posts: 45

    The faction wars are allright but i never got into it, to much tiptoeing between enemy fleets in high sec space, and its always more fun to engage faction fleets as they try to save time by crossing low sec space  on their way to a target. In a way the faction warfare allowed newer players who are not accustomed to low sec pvp participate in a form of pvp warfare. Ironically and very hilariously a fleet of approximately 12 ships belonging to our alliance tracked and decimated a fleet of nearly 30 faction warfighter ships as they traveled a shortcut through low sec space back into high sec. Of course it was basically nearly all T2 fitted ships against T1 cruisers and frigs but hey, it was fun.  I think as the faction warfare progresses i myself may get into it but not just yet, i am enjoying low sec to much.

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