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Playing Multiple Mmorpg's

Saya98Saya98 Member UncommonPosts: 41

Its always amazed me how people can play so many mmorpgs on there pcs seriously now how much disk space has that taken up on some of you peoples pcs i myself have a total of 500 GB's but seriously most mmorpgs take up aleast a few gigs and ive seen people have about 10 diff mmo they play plus all the other files on there pcs and god knows what else! loll


  • KvenTelGhoulKvenTelGhoul Member Posts: 30
    Alot of MMOs out currently don't take up that much space. WoW is around 5gb or so same with a bunch of others. New ones are closer to 15gb though. It really doesnt matter, hard drives are so huge now days. The bigger concern is where do they find the time to play all those MMOs?

  • IlliusIllius Member UncommonPosts: 4,142

    If I were to ballpark all mmo's together and assume that they all took an average of 15 gigs, 500 gig hard drive wouls have plenty of space and then some.  10 games X 15 gig = 150 gigs of space taken up, the operating system of your computer only takes up roughly lets say 4 gigs and you're left with still a ton of space.  346 gigs of space is still quite a bit if you ask me.  Throw in the average 10 gigs of music, and I don't know how many videos and I think the people who play the 10 games wouldn't be able to max out a 500 gig drive.

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  • KvenTelGhoulKvenTelGhoul Member Posts: 30
    I have a 110gb hard drive and i can't even come close to filling it.

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