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Fileplanet Closed Beta Announcement .. ?

JeratanJeratan Member Posts: 43

Fileplanet made an announcement on the front page a couple of days ago, exclaiming there is going to be something 'stupendously huge' coming to thier closed betas in the very near future.

There was a little code in the blog, where the letters spelling 'Darkness Is Soon' were in a different colour to the rest.

People are making the assumption this is to do with the Darkfall or World of Darkness betas.  Some other people think it's the WAR beta.  At first I thought it was the D3 beta but I think it's much too early for that.

I posted this in the Darkfall forums earlier today which reflects my current thoughts.

"Chances are we're all wrong and it's got nothing to do with 'darkness' at all, nor will it be any bigger than the wow, aoc or crysis betas.  Rather it's just a ploy to get people talking about it and get the fileplanet subscription pages some more hits."

There has just been an update to the blog in question but I am yet to find any more codes hidden in it.

What do you think ?



  • VirgazoneVirgazone Member Posts: 7

    Hmm, what makes me wonder is if the closed beta is going to be for subscribers only...

    Sounds interesting.

  • RavanosRavanos Member Posts: 897

    most people outside this forum and of course the darkfall forum probably dont know what Darkfall is. probably the same could be said about world of darkness.

    so its probably just a redesign of the site or some crap like that.

  • archisisarchisis Member Posts: 58

    I know what this is about. I was reading about the game but I wont ruin it for Its a well kept secret among beta testers.  =P

  • banthisbanthis Member Posts: 1,891

    Since when did file planet give away closed beta accounts?  Companies only use file planet for giving away Open Beta or Stress Test.....I doubt its WAR to behonest.  WAR's only inviting its Collector's Edition peeps right at the moment then its getting ready for a Preview Weekend event for CE and Closed beta testers only then Open Beta. 

    I doubt its World of Darkness considering very little is known about the game (you mean the white wolf game right?).  

    There's all sorts of MMOs out there it could be just about anything. 

  • randomtrandomt Member UncommonPosts: 1,218

    Chances are it'll be some big name fps game.. maybe something that was in development for years and that people had given up on.. or a new game in a popular rts series..

    Whatever it will be, it'll be an open beta, else it wouldn't be on fileplanet

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  • bluealien1bluealien1 Member Posts: 526

    It's not Darkfall, Darkfall isn't huge and it's never releasing.

  • senadinsenadin Member UncommonPosts: 245

    You guys are on crack to say fileplanet never host closed beta. I am a paying fileplanet member and tho it's been rare it has happened.


    Show me where it says;


    Tho shall not host closed beta on fileplanet!




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