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(Request) Something original.

TheGridTheGrid Member Posts: 61

If anyone knows of or plays any games that show a spark of originality, drop me some advice.

I'll take any MMO genre (RPG/FPS/RTS/Other) and any payment model. (Free/subscription/one time purchase)

Optimally, I want something original. I could pick up 100 Korean cookie cutter MMOs and play the exact same game with a new skin.

I'd also like something free of grinding. PvP oriented like Planetside (but y'know...not as dead as planetside) would be perfect, or something with focus on growing through your own initiative (like Boundless Planet....but also not as dead as that too.)


I had a liking for Project Entropia back before it was Entropia Universe so a game with similar style to that would be perfect with a different payment model that allowed me to focus more on having fun than focusing on my account balance.

Also on a side note, to me games like GunZ, Diablo 2, or Shattered Galaxy are as MMO as Quake 3. I dunno about here, but in other places I keep seeing people ask for MMOs and get lobby based games as an answer.


Anyways, thanks if anyone can suggest anything good.


  • BleurenBleuren Member UncommonPosts: 29

    Rubies of Eventide -

    (The most classes in a game I've ever seen, lots to do, lots supposed to be implimented, not so much in PVP, unless you're on the PVP/Beta server.  Not so much in questing like at all almost. But really fun and really graphical, it can kind of get to grinding, if all it is is killing monsters, other than that, try a few or 30 skills. )

    The community (especially on the RP server) is really picky about spoilers and topics in the in-game channels, which is kind of annoying, and there ranges from 6-20 people on per server per day. One time it got up to 30, and I like almost died :D

    RuneScape -

    With the new graphics, it's 95% better than the old RuneScape. If you play Members you can get it in full screen, which memebers is what $8 something a month? You get 13 or so skills, and there is no limit on your class, you can do what-ever when-ever. They removed the wilderness, which was the biggest PK feast ever, now they have Clan Fighting and Bounty Hunter events. Lots to do, especially if you're a member. I'd reccomend this over Rubies.

    Lord of The Rings online -

    Skills (Cooking, Farming, Weaponmaking, Fletching, Armormaking, Tailoring, Prospecting or minning, and Woodsman, and Scholar)

    Classes are Burglar (Assassin type) Lore-master (Mage)  Minstrial (Bard/Muse/Heal) Guardian (Tanker) Champion (Attacker/Melee) and Ranger (Ranged/Nuke)

    Races can only do specific things, which, you still get a variety, minus 1 class or something. The Races are Human (Man) Elf (Elf) Hobbit (Gnome in other games) Dwarf (Dwarf MALE only)

    Which this game has lots of fun things to do, the best graphics I think out of the three games, it's 14.95 a month though, but you can try it for free! It's worth its price I believe, and when you get high enough, you can play as a "Monster" which starts you at level 50 in another world (Dark world) and you can play there. So it's like an Opposite universe almost.

    Really lots of fun

    Hero Online -

    I know you said no Korean Grindfeasts, but this one is a bit different, nice graphics 4 Characters to choose from which determines your attack type. There is Assassin, Hunter, Physician, and Warrior.

    Assassin is a manuverable attacker Hunter tames pets and has high defence (tanker) Physician can heal, and a Warrior is an attacker with lower defence. It has a minning feature which is used to raise your armor levels up, and each time you sucessfully enchant your armor, it will glow a different color! Same with your weapon! It is a bit of a grindfeast, and if you hate these games it's not for you, but it's a little different than your standart Cookie cutter Korean game.



    Hope this helps,



    Faclare - LoTR Elendilmir

  • ZiljinZiljin Member Posts: 19

    I just got into LOTRO and I recommend it, There is a 14 day trial so you really can't go wrong.


  • sfightersfighter Member Posts: 1

    gunz is a very unique 3rd person shooter,


    except it has a twist


    you also get a sword you can run up walls, and block bullets with your sword.


    it is VERY fast paced and an awesome adictive game.


    try it at:

  • TheGridTheGrid Member Posts: 61

    hmmm I guess Lortro came out around the same time as a friend got me into WoW for a while so I completely dismissed it.

    I'll look for and download the free trial when I finish posting this.


    Although I've heard rumours that the population is slowly declining. Anyone know if this is the case or if it's just false rumours by sour players that found something to dislike?

    Either way thanks for the suggestion I'll have a look around now

  • ZiljinZiljin Member Posts: 19

    Not sure about population, I forget what server I am on ,Windsomething.  I'm still in the starter area ( I think ) and only seen a few people. I read somewhere that Brandywine and Landroval are the heavily populated ones. Anyways hope you enjoy it as much as I am.


  • TheGridTheGrid Member Posts: 61

    wow, 7GB download. My internet might explode!

  • kastakasta Member Posts: 512

    I play LOTRO on the Brandywine server and it's pretty well populated.

  • BleurenBleuren Member UncommonPosts: 29

    I play on "Elendilmir" and it's not like heavy or lightly populated, it's average, just enough people to make it nice. :) I hate servers that have 10000 people in it. The Dwarf area was kind of dead, The Hobbit area and the Human area are the most populated in my servers.

    Faclare - LoTR Elendilmir

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