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Free money??!

XCreamPuffXXCreamPuffX Member UncommonPosts: 3

Well, as you all know, Trickster went under a Maintenance last night, and I've wait for the to finished, and what do I find? New items, new event, and free money x] Nice bribing, Ntreev. They have new Count Blood theme items, which is Young Blood's box (Young Blood pet, Vampiric Moon Blade, Blood's Practice Pistol, Fruit Bat's Ears, Bloodless Buckler, Count's Family Mantle, Tin Chain of Binding, Young Count Doll Ticket, Count Blood's Coffin Ticket), and Cont Blood's box (Count Blood pet, Unquenchable Blood Saber, Blood's Assault Pistol, Vampire Bat Ears, Aegis of the Vampire, Mantle of the Night, Iron Chain of Binding, Count Blood's Brooch, Count Blood Doll Ticket, Count Blood's Coffin Ticket). These items seems so cute, I need to get to lvl 210 really fast so I can use these XD.

Anyway, as I said last night, I saw Robot, and indeed there is Robots:



I tried the Seabed field 2 as soon as I got on, and it's...ok, I guess, not wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be, but ah, well :P Jin Jellyfish is annoying though, their hits range from 300 to 1k for me, but not sure about others, so you might want to bring lots of potions, I know I did XD

As for the free money, Ntreev is bribing its player to continues stay in the game and play by giving every player who logged on since June 1st and have a character over level 20 3000 free points. Nice of them, isn't it?

Cynically ebil.


  • SenretsuSenretsu Member Posts: 63

    Yeah, the free cash shop money is practically the only thing motivating me to hit level 50 anymore ^^;

    I am a connoisseur of fine wine and fine pixels

  • SwiftpainSwiftpain Member Posts: 35

    hehe I love the free money :D

  • myrikalosmyrikalos Member Posts: 32

    You're lucky that's awesome :)

    - Dana

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