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Couple questions and a Suggestion

FizblixFizblix Member UncommonPosts: 130

Thanks for reading, first of all. image

I have the autologin thing in the settings turned on, yet I have to relogin and type my password multiple times while reading the forums and posting....  Does the cookie expire after so long or what?

While reading game reviews, news, hype, and all that, I will sometimes click a tab and get a different tab of a game I was looking at earlier. 

ex.   I will click Hype on... lets say Guild Wars for this example.  Occasionaly something like the News for EQ2 will pop up instead, which I was looking at a minute or so before.     So I have to click the back button, click some other tab, then click Hype again to get the Hype for the game.  

Not sure what the deal is, or if its just me, doesn't happen alot  but I figured I'd bring it up.

Last, I am wondering if I am just blind or something, or is there a way to pull up a list of all my posts, or even all the threads I have posted on?   

I haven't found any easy way... tryped searching for "GRAFFiX" in my signature in the search bar, but that didnt work.    I figure this site is stressed as it is with all the users on and thats why where isn't a way to really search(unless like I said and I'm just blind and not able to find it) image 

If there isn't a way to do that, I'd have a suggestion to add a  thing to the list on the left where the Mail Center, Most Recent Posts, etc. is   that  has something that lists all the threads you have posted on in recent order... or add a check box when posting to put it somewhere.  Maybe even replace the "Subscribed" box with it.    Maybe even have a "subscribed to E-mail" box and a "subscribe to Mail Center" box or what have you.

Ignore all that though if there is a way to find all posts made by a user, and tell me how so image


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