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Myth War II overview

justbeginjustbegin Member Posts: 6


Myth War, the first online game developed based on the ATB combat system, gives its players a fantastic and truly breath-taking game playing experience. The game features summoning and shapeshifting, destructive weapons and deity beasts, as well as a rumor and rebirth system, all of which lead players into a world filled with magic and wonders. Unlike other online games, Myth War has a unique weather system, making players feel like they are living and breathing in the game-world.

Centered around a war between Gods, the player enters at a pivotal point in history where chaos reigns and history hangs in the balance. Graphics and scenery is unsurpassingly beautiful and the cold and deadly atmosphere will tingle your spine. Can you triumph against all odds and finally conquer this harsh world?


The Rarus Continent mirrors the real world, and players can find delicately designed towns and cities just as in the real world. Light and shadows coexists. Well-known creatures from the real world can be found everywhere.

The Sky Garden in Woodlingor is as beautiful as the name suggests, artfully crafted by the gods. The pale moonlight directly shines upon this blessed land through the clouds, and the starry night sky and snowy ground make the Sky Garden unconventionally graceful. In the day time, the tall trees touch the sky and mingle with clouds. Players, whether it is to duel in peace or exchange sweet words with their lovers, can find their peace in this special location.


Start playing today to find all that this magical world has to offer – the world is yours!


  • moshiladamoshilada Member Posts: 4

    I tried this game. Hmmm, much more fun than Myth War 1.. Worth a try.

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    2.5d game...yawn..

  • b2i12b2i12 Member Posts: 75

    After reading this post im am currently downloading this game(71.97%). I looked around their site and MW2 looks fairly good. Nice job on post!!!

  • b2i12b2i12 Member Posts: 75

    Ok well after downloading an playing for a little bit I do have to say it was different lol. But I mean this in a good way. So many games are so alike now a days ,but I have yet to play a game like this.

    • B+ on graphics (A if your in window mode)

    • A   on uniquness

    • C  on new user ease (not horrible ,but need improvement)

    • A-  On battle scenes

    • B+ overall
  • maplemelodymaplemelody Member Posts: 1

    beautiful character?hope i can lvl quickly?then have the 2-reborn new character

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