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Top 5 powers you would choose.



  • gdcurrygdcurry Member Posts: 10
    Originally posted by Wizziokid091

    Originally posted by thenedain

    The Devs in one of the various videos kicking around Gametrailers stated that if it's in the DC Universe as a power, it'll be available to the player.  With that in mind there's only one power I'd choose:
    A Green Lantern Power Ring.
    Need to fly?  Check.  Shields?  Check.  Create any item you can imagine?  Check.  Communicate long distances?  Check.  Translate foreign languages?  Check.  In the old days, they could even be used to turn invisible.  Given that the game's set in current continuity also means that that whole Weakness to Yellow thing is no more as well.
    Drawbacks include having to recharge the Ring and having a whole slew of Sinestro Corps members wanting you dead.  Not to mention that whole Blackest Night thing that's scheduled for next year...
    Sounds like a blast to me.


    Dammit their goes all the good powers :( 

    So i could make a character with the same powers as superman ????  i can see this going kind of wrong example 50 superman wanabe's flying round... that kinda sucks. 


    First off, a Green Lantern Power Ring is not a power, it's a device capable of *many* powers.  Each of those things you listed that it does are seperate powers.  Likewise, Superman has *many* powers. 

    If you've played any superhero pen and paper RPGs you'd know that typically the heroes in the comic books, especially overpowered heroes like Supes, would have outrageously high point values.  For instance, in Champions a typical starting character is built on about 300 points.  Experienced player characters run around 500-600 points.  Superman would be around 5k points.  I'm only estimating, but I recall the Champions rules specifically addressing that question as part of the description of how game balance works in Champions.  DCUO will have to be similar in balance.

  • jinxitjinxit Member UncommonPosts: 854

    Green lantern also has the most retarded vulnerability ever.......

    Fear the  null effects of ......

    YELLOW !

  • ZakaneZakane Member UncommonPosts: 71

    Since they have the Flash - I would only Assume a power-set dealing with Speedsters.


    Which I already wanted in CoV.

    Seeing Flash run upside a building made me just want the game even more and if they let players be pure speedster style and run up buildings well they have my vote!

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798
    Originally posted by Zakane

     if they let players be pure speedster style and run up buildings well they have my vote!

    thats one of the games features


    demo impressions from this summer

    Hands-on with DCU


    For a speedster this means not only running fast down the city street, but run up and over any building, car, traffic light or other obstacle in your way.

    See that 50-story skyscraper in your way? No problem. Zoom up, over and back down




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