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Player vehicles ?

What do you think ?? 


I think it would be kinda cool it would ofc have its pro's and con's but i think it would be a nice feature to a super hero mmo allowing players to be able to drive/fly their custom vehicle.

If batman has one I want one!

Not everyone has to have one either and ofc.


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  • noxdraconisnoxdraconis Member Posts: 39

    I think vehicles are necessary in any superhero MMO.  Its amazing that CoH/V has gotten by without having them for so long.


  • themiltonthemilton Member Posts: 353
    Originally posted by noxdraconis

    I think vehicles are necessary in any superhero MMO.  Its amazing that CoH/V has gotten by without having them for so long.


    In the DCU, how often do we actually see vehicles being used? There's the Batmobile/wing/sub/boat, the Redbird, the Arrow Car, Wonder Woman's invisible jet, Black Canary's motorcycle, the Question's sedan... Okay, I think I just answered my own question.

    I was about to argue that vehicles aren't really necessary, but I guess they are. In the Marvel U, seems like most of the super-vehicles are used for group or interstellar transport. A lot of the X-men have individual vehicles, but they don't use them in-costume. Seems like most of the DCU heroes use public/military transportation or taxis when they're out of costume.


    CoX has gotten away with it because everyone has a travel power--something not every DCU/MU hero has. The monorail/ferry allows for faster zone/zone travel for those who aren't able to use base teleporters or the Pocket D exits. It's a little loose, but at least it fits the CoX universe.

    The less you expect, the more you'll be surprised. Hopefully, pleasantly so.

  • mitarratmitarrat Member UncommonPosts: 50

    I think it worked in CoX because they had "travel powers" for some superpowered heroes.  If I can fly, why do I need a gas guzzler? If I can leap half way across the city, why would I wait for the bus.  Of course this left out people that played the "Batmans" or the "Black Canaries" who could either take the a travel power and explain it away "olympic sprinter=superspeed" or "alien technology enables me to fly" or they could do the really fun option *sarcasm is on* of pretending that their character did have some sort of vehicle, even at the extreme making a macro like *SuperLanceArmstrong gets on his Lancecyle* so the vehicles would be cool, but as a "power" or ability or possibly or an iteration of one.  Just my two cents though.

  • thenedainthenedain Member Posts: 25

    If they're intending to use the whole DC Universe, then they'd almost have to have vehicles.  As they're at least using both Gotham and Metropolis, those characters without flight are going to need a way to get between them.  Sure, they could use a ferry system, but why do that when you can allow players to have a vehicle of their own.

    On a related note: I really, really hope they do something with 'Gadgeteer" type characters.  The guys whose powers are gear oriented, not powers.  Maybe use it as a crafting system for the game.  A gadget hero could make himself power armor, guns, flightpacks... vehicles.  I'd love to have a hero who's toting around a super cannon I created.  It's a huge factor in the DCU: many of the greatest villains are gadgeteers.  Lex Luthor, most notably.  Roll vehicles into the equation and you've got something that could be really cool.

  • redsoxfanredsoxfan Member Posts: 16

    I just want a vehicle that isnt too big, like in ROSE Online you get a cart to drive around at lvl 50.  This is all I ask lol!!!

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