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Does everyone have super strength

WrithWrith Member Posts: 85

I know there aren't a lot of videos out yet but it seems like, even though Super Strength wasn't mentioned in the pre-established builds for people to test, everyone was picking cars up over there heads. Did anyone else notice that? If so, I hope that it is just something for demonstrating how to weaponize your environment, as super strength is typically one of my favorite powers for a hero to have and it would feel cheapened if everyone has it.


  • jinxitjinxit Member UncommonPosts: 854

    Nah i'd say its just highlighting that the enviroment is destructible, thats all.

  • bverjibverji Member UncommonPosts: 722

    I would imagine with the system that's being used that super strength would be very attractive, because it's a passive power. 

    That being said the characters, in the video, were probably premade and contained an array of powers.

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    They'd have trouble explaining heroes like Green Arrow, Batman, Black Canary, Zatanna, etc., so I doubt everyone will have to have superstrength.

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749
    Its super strength must be the ability to survive the IQ deficit :smiley:

    Seriously, how stupid is to set their spambot to pick up 10+ years old DCUO threads and necro them?
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