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Magic World Online Review By Calvin

niceronniceron Member Posts: 9
This “New Concept MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game)” actually does involve controversial ways of playing an MMO. The two things this game sets itself apart are the in game robot, and the ability to have as many accounts as you want. At first I thought this was going to make the game sort of empty with lifeless bots and 10 characters being made by the same character, but it actually turned out to be a decent game.

The Good:


The botting system in game works very well with casual gamers (like myself) that have other things they have to do outside of the game. If you want to stay in game while you level your character and just talk to the buddies you made while playing the bot allows you to have your hands free so you can do just that. So if you’re a gamer with a busy lifestyle at home and want to play on and off this is the game for you, and if your one of the game addicts that enjoys spending long hours grinding away at monster after monster then it’s about time for you to get up, get out, and get some of that beautiful sunshine while your bot handles the dirty work.


The community is a little shallow at first and your left with the in game help system for the beginning of the game but once you start a team or two and get a friends list going your pretty much set for the game. The people I’ve met were great and I’ve been stuck with them for a while now. Also a guild is a must if you want to have constant communication with others.

Multi accounts

Not much to say for this one. It’s just a good thing to do when your main character is short of supplies. The only problem I have with this is that players with better computers then others can have more accounts then others (there are people to have 10 accounts running at once and maybe more O_o)


I have to say the way the creators made PvP in this game was creative. The Two Kingdoms (Empire and Dynasty) both have there own maps so the new players can level up in peace, but in order to go up to higher levels you will have to go into neutral maps where confrontation with the enemy Kingdom will happen often. This makes the bot system something that you can’t rely on all the time since if your not looking an enemy might take you out.

What’s better is the state war and siege war. Mass amounts of players from each kingdom come to beat each other up and this truly calls for teamwork if you want to come out on the winning side. The only downside to this is the massive lag that comes with the many players that come to fight. The fun part is when both countries in this game talk crap to each other a few times, which are sometimes fun to watch.

Growing Weapon

Well the cool thing about this is that your weapon grows and gets stronger as you do and you can add stronger weapons on to your growing weapon as you are getting stronger. The only set back to this is that the percentage chance of a successful upgrade to your growing weapon will drop significantly which pretty much forces you to buy bless crystals from the item mall (more on this soon). Overall a fun thing to have but it’s limited in many ways

The Bad:

Character looks

Character customization in this game is pretty limited. Your character can look different depending on the type of armor your wearing but there really aren’t a lot of different armors to call “unique”. You can change your hairstyle into a few different styles and hair colors but you would have to pay a chunk of in game gold to get them (50 thousand gold for hair style and 50 thousand gold for hair color so that’s a total of 100 thousand)


Updates to the game are rare and sometimes you are not even notified of what changes in the game. I’ll give the GM’s a little credit cause they do help us with problems in the game but not much changes. In fact there were bugs that existed in beta 1 and 2 that never have been fixed yet and they went into open beta anyway. So players are for the most part left to themselves and fellow players to solve their problems which isn’t so bad but it could be improve.

Item Mall

Ok the Item Mall has you spend real cash to buy platinum points to spend on the Items in the mall. When you’re new to the game there really isn’t much need for this, but to add extra convenience while your playing. When you’re at the higher levels (about 40 and up) you will see a lot of incentives to get you to buy from the item mall. Pretty soon the game pretty much forces you to buy platinum, and most of the items to get the higher upgrades on your growing weapon, pet’s, armors, and crystal are based on chance, which are really low so you end up spending a lot of platinum points on nothing (kind of like a casino but without the fun). They even ruin the value of in game gold buy letting you buy gold with platinum points. Now I understand that the game needs money but it shouldn’t force people to give them money.

Many people from beta 1 have left the game because of the unfairness of the mall and no other way to advance through the game without the mall. Personally I think you can make it without plat but it’s extremely challenging and you’ll need to know what to buy what to sell and for how much money. Honestly this game doesn’t seem like it has any direction, which brings us to our last section.

How long this game will last

Honestly I don’t know how long people will play it or how long I will play it for that matter. After experiencing the game for a while I can pretty much see that it’s not going any further with it’s ideas. This is a disappointment really but I’ll keep playing it (without spending anything on platinum)

My Rating


This game got me hooked at the beginning but sadly the creators didn’t really try to improve anything on it. Some of the features it says it has, haven’t even been fully implemented yet, and it had 2 closed beta periods to do just that (on top of fixing bugs). If your looking for a game you can play casually then you should give it try, but any serious game players should just avoid this game and look for one that’s more committed to their product.


  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    Did you just copy and past that, just looks fishhy a guy with 9 posts would write such a big review

  • levsixlevsix Member UncommonPosts: 363

    This game looks very modern.

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  • dooplopdooplop Member Posts: 4

    this game looks fun 

    p.s how do u play this game?????


  • dooplopdooplop Member Posts: 4
    Originally posted by Gabby-air

    Did you just copy and past that, just looks fishhy a guy with 9 posts would write such a big revie

  • GothikaboyGothikaboy Member UncommonPosts: 119

    This game lasts for a while, but when my bot says 20h left to level up on 40 (and i'm an ice mage) i really don't care anymore, it's just a pain in the ass.

    Good game but low EXP.

    people 50+ have like 50h to level, and 90 is the highest level.... :P

    Please do not hype any gam.. oh wait, nevermind... forgot what forum I was on.

  • NotoriaNotoria Member Posts: 6

    Gabby: A guy has to start somewhere, you know.


  • yeecksyeecks Member Posts: 11
    Originally posted by Gabby-air

    Did you just copy and past that, just looks fishhy a guy with 9 posts would write such a big review


    Gabby, there are many of us here can write better than that

    Just a matter of how much time u would like spend on it  lol Cheers.


  • b2i12b2i12 Member Posts: 75

    This is somewhat off topic ,but I was wondering if anyone has heard of a possible release date for MWO?

  • slavkecslavkec Member Posts: 20

     This game should be in the zanre MMMO, as Minimized MMO game. At least I played it that way. It's really not that interesting. Turn the Bot on, minimize and go surf, skate or something. :D It's a graphicaly challenged game; a pure abomination clone of DIablo. Oh yes and the fun factor is very close to zero, but still that minimize thing is good. At least I didn't have to actually watch my toon get levels... there's nothing to click on lvlup anyway haha. About the massive part... well, I saw two guys writing on the world channel or global or whatever... and that's all. I played on 2 servers, thinking, maybe the older one have some people on it. Like, yeah... sure.

    Maybe they all minimized and went to a happy place.

    The point is: Go get a Diablo 2 Battlechest and you'll be much happier.

  • mwoaddictmwoaddict Member Posts: 1

    The highest level is actually  level 80, im a level 60+ and it takes over 140 hours to level using double exp stones, mages are actually the weakest class in game until 50+ and are the slowest to level or get gold on.Im addicted to the game it has good graphics good mounts good gameplay a good legal bot system, exp is also high as in relevant to the levels,

    But there are aspects of this game that are totally annoying it has so many glitches in it that have been there from the start huggin a bush while afk for hours mana potion bug, (not good for mages) success rates not as they say 80% means not succeeding 8/10 times more like failing 8/10 times.Guild Quest glitches where your sent to maps and lose the quest on entry, guild quests with no rewards the list goes on.

    THE GM'S are very lax in sorting out any in-game problem theres alot of swearing and profanities said in chat, if you send screenies they do nothing at all. Players have no respect for them, the comment is if you have a complaint whats the point. in contacting them they do nothing. If you dont want your children picking up bad words or remarks this is'nt the game for them. even the online GM's dont respond 9/10 if you have a problem

    mwo Adict

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