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Well we havn't seen much at all, if anyone can get me to a link where there are views of avatars or characters npc or pc's please tell. There is only one view of an avatar, you cant see much its in the combat trailer right at the end where the camera goes along side the ship and the thing ends well you can see at the end of the ship on deck a avatar in blue. They need to make good avatar's and I would like to see it before the game releases with land features such as shops ect. Ive been reading at I think it says they will release the game and in future patch updates there will be avatars released. I think they should release the game with good land features and avatars/npc's on ships and land and it will be a top notch game. Already the ships and water looks 110% amazing, but I dont have the prate fealing without a crew and captain, with land.

Cross My Paths and I'll Cross Yours

Cross My Paths and I'll Cross Yours


  • WickedMouseWickedMouse Member Posts: 32
    Sorry but no land in the first release, and the little avatars in the combat movie is still a 'test'. So probably no avatars in first release and maybe the first avatars in the second release. There won't be any land either, anytime soon. So you can continue to kill the computer ships in PotC for now until it is implemented.

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  • RedLegsRedLegs Member Posts: 22

     Frome what I read in forms there is Islands on the Islands there will be Nations [Caribbean, France, Great Briain, Holand, Spain, and they leave the best fer last Unclaimed]. The islands with nations will have Cities in the Cities you have shops of [Plantations, Shipyard, Armory, Blacksmith, Sail Maker, and Tailor]

    Now what I read in the forms of all the Unclaimed Islands there is only one City. Clifton Harbour on Union Island. This is where ye will find me when im werthy to be Pirate In your large Pirate Guild. This is where we pirates will drink de rum and party after we pilage and loot. Maby we Pirates drink de rum and party before pilage and loot.image

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