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First Impressions: Talisman Online

SeeksterSeekster Member Posts: 15

I must say that after reading the forums and the features about Talisman Online I expected that it would try and rip off/copy World of Warcraft. After playing for about an hour I am now convinced that this is indeed what the developers of Talisman Online were trying to do and as f2p MMOs go they did a fairly good job. So far ive only gotten to about lvl 8 but the skills seem to be nice, the talisman system is interesting, the quests are grinding but then again I expect them to be. The community seems at least fairly nice so far and there are several functions in the game built towards getting people to work together and party.


The only two gripes I have about this game so far are that you cannot move your character with the standard awsd controls (all point and click movement but this is actually done fairly well so you dont automatically attack a monster by accidently clicking on it when trying to move.) My other problem is that the camera seems stuck at an odd angle looking down diagonally at your character. This is workable most of the time but I would sometimes like to zoom in or go to a ground level camera for a closer look and other times the camera makes it hard to see enemies but the minimap at least lets you know where they are generally so its not too big a problem.


Im going to keep playing this game and I recommend you try it if you have not.


  • Sacre11Sacre11 Member Posts: 20

    A thing about the camera... have u tried to change angel cpmpletely with cursor? Hold down the right button and move the mous up and down, u'll see.

  • Victoria007Victoria007 Member Posts: 12

    I almost share your comments~   Playing the game is a part of my daily life.  As a lvl 42 Tamer  ,  I am fond of having a cute pet as my loyal friend.

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