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My review

This is one of the few MMORPGs that I enjoyed for more than 2 (!) years. 

The beginning was simple. Joined as Cabin person (worst rank) in a big crew, made fast money.

Soon I improved my stats, and not so long afterwards I was  Senior Officer (second best rank, comes after captain himself) in a crew which my in-game friend made. Everybody was extremely supportive, and we reached 24th fame before disbandoning the crew. After a series of passes from crew to crew, I bought my own ship and made my own first crew.

We were very very good, and we reached 20th fame before i had to merge into another crew, which was second in fame. i was there for a long time, then made my own crew again (it failed) and things like that.

After that my last enjoyable experience from the game is my in-game friend's making of a crew, which i was second in charge and helped it non-stopped. We reached 2nd, below only the legendary 'Skeletons'. Blast it, i quit.

The game itself is amazing. Aside from the puzzles, the players are as i mentioned extremely supportive, fun to talk with and... well, it's just fun, go see for yourself.

I do recommend the Hunter ocean.


Cyaspy, Hunter ocean.

Randon person says: "Ok guys, now that we've finished lets go have some ice cream."



  • sanders01sanders01 Member Posts: 1,357

    Dubloon oceans are a scam :/, I spent way more than the $15 or so a month I could of paid, played on the Virdian Ocean, the game is fun though ,just I suggest you go P2P to really play it.

    Currently restarting World of Warcraft :/

  • ProbablyBestProbablyBest Member Posts: 10

    Dubloons can be easily bought with PoEs (which is the in-game cash, Pieces of Eight).

    Don't get tempted to pay for this game, it's actually better without paying.

    Randon person says: "Ok guys, now that we've finished lets go have some ice cream."

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