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New Entropia trading site


Miners, crafters, hunters, traders, looters from all over Calypso, we are pleased to introduce you to, the first site only dedicated to the trade in Entropia Universe.

Don't waste your time trading, come and create your shop on internet and sell your items !

How does it work ?

You only need to create an account and then your avatar. Upload your EU avatar picture and tell us about you, in your avatar card. Avatar card that you can fill with information about your profession, society and yourself.

Create until 3 shops for your avatar and upload your own banners. Manage your sales, by editing the content of your shops, name your price and markup.

Search for what you need, items, avatars, society members, particular shops and command your items. The sellers will confirm the trade and will propose a meeting in EU.

Use the automatic calendar to schedule your meetings.

Use and Enjoy Entropia Emporium

Best Regards, Kirua & Rion

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