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What would you rather have?

MackerniMackerni Member Posts: 230

This should be an interesting topic...

I choose number 2, by the way.


  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 41,498

    These polls always fail to have a 3rd option.  Couldn't care either way, I just wanna see the result.

    How about a fun game that isn't quest driven, linear in nature, and brings something truly new to the genre, even beyond the ideas of SWG pre whatever.


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  • ArcAngel3ArcAngel3 Member Posts: 2,931

    I picked number one, but just by a small preference.  I'm gonna check out Stargate's MMO also.  Love that show, especially Atlantis :)  As for complexity, I like games that provide options most.  You know, do something complex if you want, or just run around and blow things up--depending on your headspace at the time.

    One thing I always liked about the original SWG was that you could be very social if you wanted (entertaining in the cantina), be complex (like set up a city or business), or just blow stuff up if you wanted lol.  Oh yeah, and the exploration was a trip too.  Lots of nice ingredients to choose from.


  • MackerniMackerni Member Posts: 230

    The question states, "What would you rather have" not, "Do you care about both concepts equally?"

    But you have your point, because that question probably would have been better to ask. It's too late now ... my suggestion is that if you care about both of them equally don't vote - because you really can't if the question is, "What would you rather have?"

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