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International Forces, Pirating Guild

Hello, guess i'd post this to get people interested in my guild. Gotta thank steevodeevo's post for reminding me to post this here. I meant to for a while but never did.

A little info about the guild - It's an organized pirating organization from all around the world(ingame and out). Yea, the name's not the most piratey thing ever but it fits the idea and nothing else seemed to have much impact on me. I wanted to create a pirate guild from all countries in the game and all nationalities outside of it, so anyone from anywhere is welcome to join. Thus "International" Forces came to be.

Going deeper into the whole organized bit. Along with a guild from all around, I wanted it to be tacticful with a sense of trust and teamwork amongst the members. So incase a navy squad came after us, we had a chance instead of sitting there waiting for impending doom from the frigates and 74's after just looting a ship.

So anyone willing to bear with the not-so-piratey name and wants a pirate guild with allies, structure and a chance against the navies, you're welcome to join.::::28::

More information can be found on the site and the forums, both links are in my signature below. Hope people get interested and I hope to see ya on the high seas. 'Till then, rum all around ::::20::

Captain William Auburn
IF Guild Commander
HMS Euros--
HMS Progeny--

International Forces - Forums

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