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Atitd is NOT dying!

VioletteViolette Member UncommonPosts: 119

Don't listen to the trolls - Atitd may be unpopular but it is NOT dead.

There are not as many people at the moment as there usually are, because the current Tale is coming to a close. But just check the forums and wiki and it's plain that there is still a lot going on.



  • ObenOben Member Posts: 40

    No one is doubting that its alive or unpopular, but for the state that its in, it is not worth the cost.  I'm sure that repels plenty of people to the game.

  • DentataDentata Member Posts: 33

    ATITD offers a ton of things that no other game offers.  It is one of those games that either works for you or doesn't.  I'm happy with it, but 90% of the readers of this site would not be happy there.  To understand the things it does that you can't get anywhere else, you have to stay longer than most people are willing to give to evaluation of a game.

    The things that makes it different include: Players create and pass laws that get implemented, there in no currency (so no gold  sellers), no combat, no NPCs, things you build are permanent, player elected members have the authority to permanently ban members.

    There are negatives now, but you still can't get what you get there anywhere else.  Whether you want what that is, is your call.


  • RadmuzRadmuz Member Posts: 85

    This is a fun niche game. However the things that drew me into the game seemed to run out and more attention began to be put into "Test's". I absolutely hated them and after only being in #2 a couple months I left and have never went back. If I saw that expanding the technology was a bigger part of what was going on I might return, but the developer had a different vision.


    Even so this would be sad to see this game shut down. I hope it keeps running for years. They are good people who work on this and have run things on a very tight budget with this being more of a labor of love then anything else.

  • arkaexarkaex Member Posts: 23

    Actually, ATITD's main dev has abandoned the game - and did so years ago, probably about over 1.5 years ago - and there hjas been no actual community involvement and input from him since.  This is a guy that ran the show when launched, listened to player's feedback, actually fixed bugs when reported, and created a community in the game. The game's been handed off to someone else, and a lot of older players (I guess from other threads here, 'elites' (which are just people that have been around for 5 years+)) quit the game after Tale 3 ended, sometimes earlier.  There are severe bugs in this game, some of which have not been fixed since launch (2004 or 2005, depending on the bug).  The ONLY thing worthwhile in this game is the community, which is smaller and crappier now than it was in earlier tellings (crappier - there are a whole lot more 50year old players, who have not played MMOs, do not know proper netiquette, do love grinding and gossip, and fewer players that want actual puzzles to solve and social interaction).

    I used to play this game since Tale 1, early in 2003, had a major role in running support sites, helped in game & had contact with devs/GMs, met a lot of people several times at meets, knew the devs, etc.  This game was released in 2003, had a trickle of untested features regularly added, the engine has not been updated since then, major changes have not been made at all and the only concern for the dev (owner, runs eGenesis) was to squeak by every month with a bare minimum amount of subscribers needed.  That was in 2004ish, and I'm sure by now the bare number of subscribers needed who paying $15 a month is MUCH lower, due to lower bandwidth costs, which means that even less effort needs to be put in on this game.  Hell, I'm sure that the subscribers who forget to cancel their credit card payments monthly would keep this game afloat.  This developer spends most of his time goofing off - wine tastings, vacations, running around the desert every fall naked with fellow hippies, and the like.  That's his priority, but frankly no one should join this game because they will only (addictive) tedium, game breaking bugs, non existant GM help, and frustration at every corner.  

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